back to article Shuttle docks with ISS after 'almost flawless' launch

The Space Shuttle Atlantis has docked with the International Space Station (ISS) after an "almost flawless" launch last week. With the launch and delicate docking procedures out of the way, NASA has turned its attention to life aboard the ISS, and setting up for the first space walk. Atlantis, shortly after docking with the …


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  1. Andrew

    World Record

    Without being too much of a pedant - how valid is a world record when completed literally "out of this world."

    With an ever increasing number of people heading to places beyond this current world - surely the record books need to be written to create a more sophisticated way of acknowledging human 'records.'

  2. florian mosleh


    how about relaxing your notions of scope with regards to the term 'world record'. seems a lot easier.

  3. Jasmine Strong

    It's hardly "out of this world"

    When it's only a couple of hundred miles off the surface, I don't think it really matters. NASA: Barely Going Where Man Has Gone Before.

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