back to article Robots en route to Dublin car parks

Irish drivers could soon come face to face with powerful robots. There's no need to worry though, they only want to park your car. Sky Parks Projects has developed the Sky Parks Robotic Parking Systems (SRPS), a parking system that uses autonomous robots and lifts to park and retrieve cars. These car parks are designed to make …


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  1. Andy

    Not the Jetsons

    ... but in fact Thunderbirds.

    As I remember the episode, the car-parking robot goes crazy and drops a car from 200 feet, starting a fire that destroys the whole building.

    A salient lesson for us all.

  2. Andy

    Fake story?

    "Sky Parks Robotic Parking Systems" don't have a web site so far as I can google. Maybe this is a non-story.

  3. Martyn Fagg

    Re: Fake story?

    Look again...

  4. John

    RE: Not the Jetsons

    No, my recollection is:

    A car driven by a really incompetent lady driver crashes inside a basement carpark, setting off explosions and a huge fire. A family is trapped between two automatic fire doors until International Rescue is called in.


  5. Damian Gabriel Moran

    will it be like the scene in I Robot

    when Will Smith's character arrives at the building and his car is whisked away?

  6. spezzer

    Will Smith...

    parks his futuristic Audi in one of these in I Robot - his car gets sucked into a opening in the wall and you see the whole carpark rotate until it finds a slot. just a thought tho - how many times have you got half way to the shops and thought "bugger - wallet still in car" or "damn - toddler still in back seat" .. and ... what if.... youre in a queue to get your car back ( theres always a queue for these things ) and the driver of the car returned has gone to the pay point... its all too much... oh the chaos. All the same it would be pretty impressive, mind you all new cars would need a big hook on top - kinda spoils the sleek future audi image. (and how did tho wheels work on Will's Audi)

  7. Jason

    RE: Will Smith...

    "and how did tho wheels work on Will's Audi"

    Magnets....its the wave of the future. Ever seen Minority Report? How about cars that drive on the sides of buildings and make crazy loops to exit off a freeway.

    Japan has been using this technology for a looooooong time (reason - efficient use of vertical storage).

    Why hasn't New York looked into this? They could still charge an arm and a leg for car parking but they could fit even more suckers' (i mean customers) cars into the same parking structure.

This topic is closed for new posts.