back to article Can intelligence really help business get out of a hole?

Business Intelligence (or BI) is often promoted as a “get out of gaol free” card – surely, intelligence in business is a good thing (although perhaps we wouldn’t know, we haven’t met much of it), so paying lots of money for a BI package is a no-brainer? Well, “Only up to a point, Lord Copper”. Obviously, fact-based decision- …


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  1. Sam


    Intelligence, as the article suggests, is only intelligence, it is not action and it is not decision making.

    There are plenty of un-employed or poorly paid PHD holders out there who are certainly intelligent, just seem to have made some poor choices in life.

    Similarly with BI, you can give a company all the facts and information in the world but if its not what they need or can use then its next to useless.

    The first step always needs to be a decision on what decisions the company needs to make. Business Intelligence can then be used to cut the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

    Its a tool, nothing more nothing less.

This topic is closed for new posts.