back to article Anti-spam sites weather DDoS assault

Prominent anti-spam services came under a sustained denial of service attack late last week. The assault targeted Spamhaus, Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL), and Realtime URI Blacklist (URIBL). The URIBL (which, like SURBL - filters junk mail based on spam sites mentioned in their message bodies) website was rendered …


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  1. weffew

    Nothing new

    DDOS on spamhaus et al is normal for spammers. Indeed you are'nt a major spammer until you've DDOS'd them.

    Why DDOS them? so you can get your fresh spam out while stopping companies from updating their rulesets and blocklists. It's not supposed to be a prolonged attack.

  2. prathlev

    Nastiest attack

    Second paragraph: "...was rendered temporarily available...".

    Now THAT's an attack only the very well prepared can sustain. Heck, if all our systems suddenly worked we'd have to stop "working on a solution" (a.k.a. drinking loads of coffee and surfing The Register). I no time, some suit would suggest that we could spend our working hours actually DOING something. Terrible thought... ;-P


  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Rule #3 demonstrated again

    Spammers are always desperate; that's because they are essentially stupid.

    Dave Lindhardt, the spammer of e360insight in Illinois, has again demonstrated his desperation by launching a frivolous lawsuit against a number of anti-spammers for "defamation" - they allegedly called him a spammer, and he claims that hurt his "business."

    Of course, the entire purpose of the lawsuit is to prove a falsehood - that Spamhaus does business in Illinois. Most of the people he's suing have more connection with the Manahattan Project than they do with Spamhaus.

  4. Steven Davison


    "rendered temporarily available"

    how does that work?

    I'll get my coat....

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