back to article Yahoo! patch squashes messenger bug

Yahoo! bug crushers have plugged a serious hole in Yahoo! Messenger that made it possible for bad guys to remotely take control of a user's machine. The update became available less than 24 hours after an anonymous hacker posted proof-of-concept code that demonstrated how the vulnerability could be exploited. The …


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  1. Garry

    Register! Yahoo! Headline! Missing! Exclamation Marks!

    What went wrong with the headline guys? Next you'll probably forget your hatred of Kevin Warwick and write a nice review of his new book.

  2. davcefai


    "Maiffret, who holds up Microsoft as a model for responsible vulnerability handling"

    ie let months go past before issuing a patch.

    Bad Yahoo! Released a fix in 24 hrs.

  3. Chris Purcell

    re: Model?

    "Bad Yahoo! Released a fix in 24 hrs"

    No, they didn't. They released a fix 24 hours after a hacker had already exploited the bug. They had longer than that to fix it. Not that I'm claiming they're slow or anything. But not releasing a patch for months *and* not telling anyone what to exploit seems more responsible than quickly releasing a patch, but giving hackers a fighting chance at exploiting it first.

  4. Dillon Pyron

    re: Model?

    How many times has MS been prompted to publish a patch after a "zero day" exploit? A patch that they've been sitting on?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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