back to article Surface computers: debunking Microsoft and Han

My recent article 'Why Microsoft innovation is only Surface deep' prompted a number of Reg readers to pick up their keyboards in anger. I had anticipated knee-jerk claims of gratuitous "MS bashing", but these aside, the feedback has mostly been supportive. Gary Herbert perhaps best encapsulated the indignant mood of Reg …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Font anti-aliasing

    On screen font anti-aliasing (aka font smoothing these days). This has been available on RISC OS since 1987. Something else that MegaShit claimed to invent...

  2. Scott Kindorf

    The difference in font anti-aliasing technologies = differentiation

    Yes, RISC systems had a font anti-aliasing technology prior to Microsoft's TrueType & ClearType technologies - which would suggest "prior art" in that case; however, "prior art" is not always as cut-and-dried as people seem to think it is. A huge portion of counter-claims against "prior art" depend on technologies, methodologies and implementation to negate such "prior art" claims.

  3. Tom

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

    Yes, anyone can make a demo.

    As far as Microsoft and TrueType: Please remember that it was APPLE Computer (as it was called then) that developed the technology. Microsoft had no part in it (and still doesn't as far as I know).

    Given them credit: Clippy/BoB was a Microsoft invention (*SIGH*).

  4. DrFix

    Give Clippy his due!

    Honestly. Clippy and BoB were precursors to "Futurama" with its suicide booths. Every time clippy would spring up you'd be overcome with violent impulses. Just like every time I'm interupted with a new "update".

  5. SpitefulGOD


    What does this guy want, what company would have a press release stating, "We have a new product, but a few other companies have it too, in fact the people we funded the technology for have had it for a long time. We'd like to thank our competition for building similar systems"

    I say get over yourself, being in software development we always see our competitors taking our ideas and listing them as "powerful, new and the best", that's how marketing works I mean you don't go ranting about your GF when she says "You're the best i've had" do you, No! So stop ranting about companies doing what companies do you article is useless.

  6. IanKRolfe

    Frustrated TIR

    New tech?? I built "hi tech" switches in 1975 (I was 12!) by using an edge-lit piece of perspex and several OCP71 phototransistors. Worked a treat (as long as the room was dark!!). I got the idea from an even older copy of Radio Constructor...

    OK using a camera to "look" at the glass/plastic surface is clever, but it's hardly a new paradigm.

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