back to article Slovakian fountain stunt groom released

The Worcestershire builder cuffed for jumping naked into a fountain in Bratislava during drunken stag night revels and subsequently slapped with a two-month jail sentence for his trouble has been released, the BBC reports. Stephen Mallone, 25, was arrested on 26 May, and looked likely to miss his 15 June wedding to 22-year-old …


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  1. Lloyd


    They're obviously complete chavs and anyone that stupid deserves everything they get, it would've been nice if it had actually taught the ignorant knuckle dragger a lesson.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Another story where I fail to see the IT angle

    Paris Hilton, wheelchair joyriding and now this. It's becoming a bit of a habit.

    Does El Reg really want to be a tabloid?

    I think we should be told.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Silly arse

    They should have thrown the book at him

  4. Joel

    Re: Shame

    Lloyd, did you actually mean to post that comment on the Paris Hilton story instead?

  5. Law

    RE: Another story where I fail to see the IT angle

    True - but they are also entertaining to IT proffesionals! :)

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Another story where I fail to see the IT angle

    And yet you feel the need to post annoying comments on each of the articles.

    Take a hint, it's in "Odds and Sods"... don't read it.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Does El Reg really want to be a tabloid?

    "Does El Reg really want to be a tabloid?"

    What colour is the Reg logo?

    Prosecution rests.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stop worrying about the IT angle

    It a similar manner that work colleagues like to chat about non-work matters as a preference over chatting to strangers - it is nice to read about nonsence from reporters who have a reporting style that we find pleasant.

    Some of us are here more for the BOFH episodes and the silly stories than the serious IT stuff :)

  9. Will

    Re: Another story where I fail to see the IT angle

    Don't like it? Don't read it!

  10. Chris Collins

    Devil's advocate

    Am I the only one who actually finds drunken nudity amusing? It's not like he was waving his cock in a child's face. He obviously didn't want to get his clothes wet.

  11. DoubleD

    Good Humour

    >>He said the escapade was "in good humour but was a stupid act"

    It would have been in good humor if he were on-stage portraying Falstaff in Harry IV. In this case, he was being a drunken lout in a public place.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Justic on its head!?

    Hang on so, for a drunken stunt and getting your kit off you get 2 months not really harming anyone in the act (No sense of humour?), However you only get 23 Days for drink driving and possibley seriously injuring someone or even killing someone in the process (RE: Paris Hilton). I think the Slovaks need a sense of humour and the americans need a reality check.

  13. Matt

    Re: IT Angle

    No IT angle?

    1. So what? (In Bootnotes therefore not serious etc etc)

    2. Do you think posting that there is "no IT angle" makes you clever? Everyone reading it knows there is "no IT angle" already - do you think we need help spotting this?

  14. Louise

    Sense of homour needed.

    It's the odds and sods section, not the 'repressed middle-management IT with no sense of homour' section.

    We spend all day working in IT, surley we are allowed to have a little giggle every now and again? Some of us actually find it more interesting than working...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh FFS!

    A Brit breaks the law abroad in a democratic country. The offender receives a sentence from a recognised court in accordance with national law; a sentence not dissimilar from that they could expect back home in the UK.

    The Foreign Office promptly intervenes to get them released; but the same FO won't do anything to free British residents from Guantanamo Bay?

    Jesus Wept (and promptly set about Margaret Beckett's caravan with a spray can)

  16. Rhys

    Hear Hear

    "Some of us are here more for the BOFH episodes and the silly stories than the serious IT stuff :)"

    I've the BOFH page bookmarked, and then when thats read i browse throught the bootnotes. only ater that do I go out and have a dekko at the tech stuff. the BOFH and and bootnotes satisfy a craving for amusing humour and satire as american stuff so rarely can. Long live the british touch :D

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