back to article Galileo to get public cash, agree EU ministers

Controversial Euro satnav project Galileo should receive more taxpayer cash to get it moving again, European ministers have concluded. But lengthy wrangles over funding channels and control lie ahead. Reuters reports that the European Union's current German presidency revealed the decision earlier today. Galileo was originally …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Road Charging

    I'm sure governments are willing to put public funds in to Galileo, just thing how much they'll be able to screw back out of the public when they use if for draconian road pricing schemes.

  2. Philip Kroker

    Hidden Fees

    If they need money to pay for Galileo, why not tack on a one time liscensing fee to the price of the reciever units of €25 or something like that? It means they get money for the project and the consumer doesn't feel like they're being bent over and getting it in the backside.

  3. SImon Hobson Silver badge

    RE: Hidden Fees

    Wouldn't work - if you add a premium to receivers then you'll kill the market - not that it will be big to start with.

    Think about it, GPS receivers are mature and quite cheap. Galileo receivers are going to be new and expensive - so a limited market. If you add an extra tax and push the price up still further then you'll simply reduce the market further still.

    If there's no prospect of a good market, you'll get no manufacturers supporting it, so no receivers being made to attract the tax.

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