back to article Connery says nay to Indiana Jones reprise

Sir Sean Connery will not play Indiana Jones's dad in the forthcoming fourth film of the series, the actor has confirmed. Steven Spielberg is at the helm of the latest installment - slated for a 2008 release - which stars Harrison Ford, Ray Winstone, Cate Blanchett, and John Hurt. Connery, however, says in a statement on his …


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  1. amanfromMars

    A Rock and Rolling Stone Bond frae a Bonny Bairn?

    A Future Highlander in the Rock and Roll Genre at the Nexus of the Matrix would be out of this world fun to tax his Celtic Brain 42 Show ITs Intellectual Depth and HyperVision.

    Hmmm. I wonder if he reads El Reg? :-) Stir IT a little to see what shakes free, says me..... that's 4Entertainment2....

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bound to suck...

    South Park nailed it. Spielberg and Lucas *were* great directors, but much like Mel Gibson they've gone from the realm of "Mad Max" coolness to "Apocolypto" pshycosis. Too many years of living off past glories and having too many yes men to kiss their asses. There is no way a new Indiana Jones movie will be any thing more than cross promotional mess with fancy effects, much like the new Star Wars movies.

    To misquote South Park:

    "Someone needs to save these films from the perverse hands of their aging directors."

    Indeed Stan.

  3. Dillon Pyron

    His best?

    Although he will always be remembered as Bond (was the first the best?), I think his best role was in "Robin and Marian". At any rate, he has earned some time to fish.

    I agree with you Brent, and will go one further. The new directors, for the most part, don't match up to Spielberg and Lucas at their best. As well as many other directors of the past.

    And a fourth Indiana Jones movie is just another proof that Hollywood has lost its creativity.

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  5. Kevin

    Your right

    They are a lil too old

    My recommendation for the new Indiana Movie

    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Nurseing home Cafereria

  6. Neil D W Smith

    Enough already..

    Lucas has spent too much time riding the wave - just look at Star War episodes 1 to 3 versus 4 to 6. No contest. Spielberg was handed the perfect opportunity to prove his worth after Kubrick's demise with AI - he stuffed it up.

    It might be better to look for films by Timur Bekmambetov, the director behind Night Watch. Something far more enjoyable than Lucas's or Spielberg's most recent offerings.

  7. Josh

    You'd Think

    You'd think Han- I mean Harrison would be too old to be going through tombs whipping stuff these days. He looked like he was aging a bit when he was a freighter pilot.

  8. James Cleveland

    What on earth is so fun for his retirment?

    Does he party every day or something?

  9. James Cleveland

    Re: Enough Already

    Munich was pretty damned sweet. One of those movies where half way though you just realise how much you're enjoying it and smile.

  10. Joel


    *seriously unhappy face*

  11. regadpellagru

    yes, really too old

    As others have written, Sir Sean is now 77 years old.

    Pls, Spielberg, give him a rest ! Or plan the follow-ups

    before key actors reach that age.

    As for Lucas, oh, man, just sort out the mess of Lucasarts

    and that will be good ;-)

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