back to article Naked builders hate ugly logos, but don't frequent Google Maps

Friday again, folks, and you, our very own chattering masses, have been pressing enter like crazy. We'll start with an issue that seemed to unite us all for a few days. The London 2012 Olympics logo was launched on Monday to universal derision. Opinions were divided over what it was meant to be and what it actually looks like, …


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  1. John Dougald McCallum

    powdered Alcihol

    Oi! We're not adolescents.

    No you don't have that excuse

  2. Aaron Ashby


    No, they have a far better excuse: they're journalists

  3. James Penketh


    "but am I right in assuming you can bung two, three or more sachets into the same glass of water to increase the strength?"

    Yeah, so It'll kill you two or three times quicker. Evolution at work.

    If you're stupid enough to try and drink that junk you deserve to die, just to keep the gene pool clean.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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