back to article Lawyer admits tampering in MSN, Best Buy case

A Best Buy lawyer has admitted to falsifying court documents in the longstanding racketeering case against Microsoft and Best Buy, which recently reached a Superior Court in Seattle. A nationwide class-action suit, filed in 2003, accuses the two companies of conspiring to secretly register thousands of Best Buy customers for …


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  1. Ishkandar

    The RICO Act

    Microsoft, racketeering ?? Never !! ;-P

  2. BobApril

    New Charges?

    In my layman's opinion, that wold make this lawyer an accessory to the crime, and part of the the conspiracy. Perhaps he should be charged under RICO addition to being disbarred, of course.

  3. Chet Dowling


    Seems to me I was, until recently, getting billed for an entertainment magazine I didn't ask for, compliments of Best Buy. Maybe they can get someone from the cleaning team to take the fall. " Janitor creates magazine scam at local retailer."

This topic is closed for new posts.