back to article Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'

Paris Hilton has been released from chokey after just three days of her 23-day sentence for violating probation on a drink-drive rap, reports. Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told a press conference the early uncaging was due to medical reasons, but declined to elaborate on the "health- …


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  1. Fred

    Medical reasons?

    What they really mean is that everyone in the prison was sick of her.

  2. micheal

    Paris Hilton Early Release

    And the other girl on the same charge in the "not a celebrity" section? she released too?

    Oh how easy it is to buy a verdict when you're parents are rich, and avoid really paying your debt. considering her house size 400 metres around it covers most of beverly hills anyway

    insult to non parole violators everywhere

  3. Simon Painter


    Put her back in. I bet her 'health reasons' were just staged panic attacks to win the hearts of her mindless fans.

  4. Craig Peters

    Hands up if you are suprised!

    Who would have guessed the socialite would be out of chokey with only a handful of lipgloss inscribed digits on her cell wall.

    "Hilton will be confined to within roughly 3,000-4,000 feet of her West Hollywood home for 40 days"

    Party at hers for the next 40 days then? Who is going to bring the porridge?

  5. Chizo Ejindu


    Wow. A 40 day sentence reduced to 23 days for "good behaviour" i.e. turning up to the hearing and now reduced to 3 days for "unspecified medical reasons". If she's ill shouldn't she be in a hospital? Ah no my mistake the "unspecified medical reasons" are that she's rich, famous, white and it's entirely unfair to expect anyone rich, famous and white to serve out their sentence. That's for poor, ordinary black people.

    It wouldn't be American Justice if it wasn't blatantly biased and corrupt.

  6. Benjamin Ford

    World breaths a sigh of relief.

    I'm surprised the world has been able to function whilst the most talented person on the planet has been in prison.

    She might have actually had to pay for her crimes should she have stayed for the full term of her sentence, and we couldn't have that now could we?

  7. Eric

    I'm sure she'll learn her lesson...

    Like punishing a kid by sending them to their room with their Nintendo... stereo... computer... *rolls eyes*

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Gotta love what money can do for you.

    Was it the prison soap powder gave her skin problems?

    Was it the lack of alcohol\drugs in her system actually sobered her up and they thought she was have a breakdown or simply that she had to do 'token' time.

  9. Iain Purdie

    Medical reasons?

    Maybe they thought she was on hunger strike. After all, it's not natural to be so skinny that two of you could squeeze through the bars at the same time.

    And house arrest is hardly a punishment when you live in a palace.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What a cop out!

    What medical reason? Going cold turkey was she...?

    Oh diddums, restricted to 3000 feet of her mansion, what a hard life. All that luxury, comfort... Can she actually reach her own front gates in that distance?

  11. Mr D

    (&^$% her

    %&$ damned (^%ing *&^

    What a waste of time.

    I didnt realise pulling a sicky worked in prison.

    Im going to the pub to drink 18 pints and drive into a crowded bus stop now... Then have the flu when I get to jail - that means they give me a nice ankle watch looking thing and i have to play lots of xbox ... PAH!

  12. Ted Treen

    Health reasons

    Sure she was sick: sick of being in jail.

    Poor pampered li'l baby will now be even more convinced that the world owes her special treatment, and that laws only apply to the peasantry and not her & her ilk.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Does America not know the meaning of the word?

    Actually, stupid question...

  14. Rob

    I'm so angry....

    As someone who today was run over on their bike by a careless driver, I find the very idea that a traffic offender - who persistently reoffends - can be let out of prison after just a few days to be a vile miscarriage of justice.

    Quite often, innocent people are held on remand for months on end whilst their case comes to trial. What comfort will they get from this news?

    Can the local police at least make sure that she does not accrue any more parking tickets whilst under house arrest? Somehow I doubt it.

    What a sham.

  15. Edward Grace

    So she's `ill'...

    ...maybe it's just the DTs?

  16. yeah, right.

    I win.

    I'd bet she wouldn't do more than 5 days in prison before someone got paid off to let her out for one reason or another. I win.

  17. Butch Kaniecki

    Yeast infection?

    I am glad to see that our justice system has cleared the way for her to treat her medical condition. Let me put on my Dr. Welby hat and try to make some possible long-distance diagnosis. Here goes:

    3rd Degree Burns caused by non-satin sheets used in prison bedding

    Irritated Colon due to repeated Anal probes looking for contraband caviar smuggled in.

    Yeast infection due to improper wiping as her personal assistant was not allowed access to her cell.

    Brain Damage inflicted by having to spend time alone with her thoughts or lack thereof.

    The truth may never be known - but I wish her well on her recovery from whatever life-threatening medical condition may exist.

  18. Kevin

    You have to love America!


    Once again I get to laugh at America's expense. For a country that considers itself to be the land of the free - the only *really* free people are those with stacks of money.

    Corruption is not uncommon in the USA and I would imagine it extends far beyond the news that you and I get to read. Yhy should the justice department be an exception?

  19. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Squitty botty...

    ... from the basic prison food. Betcha.

  20. Guru

    People! Open your eyes!

    Can you really not see what is going on here? Miss Hilton isn't using her wealth and priviledges to flout the law, she's drawing attention to the injustices that are done by these tools of the rich and famous!

    It's obvious when you look at how she made sure she'd get jail time by breaking the law in a mild but comprehensive fashion. She left herself without a defence. Brave girl!

    She knew with the eyes of the world on her she could put a spotlight on how unfair and biased the system is and how easily exploited.

    She really is the people's porn star.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Absolute Fcuking Mockery...

    ...of any sort of justice, US or otherwise.

    Still, let's hope her suffering isn't further prolonged and that her ankle bracelet tag is at least diamond encrusted.

    I will bet £10 right now that it will be the next chav "fashion" accessory. Any takers?

  22. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Who cares?

    Who really cares that much anyway? In <100 years, she'll be utterly forgotten, as she should be, and as most of us will be as well. I'm a little ashamed that I spent a few minutes caring enough to even write this... The very rich are not like you or I. (To the person who thought that her being white had something to do with it: *cough* O.J. Simpson) To quote a guy I used to work with: "It's easy to end up in jail when you're poor" (he was and had been)

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No justice to see here, please move along!

    Why is it that a common person can commit the same offense and be put in the slammer and has to see out their entire sentence? However, when a so-called "celebrity" gets time, they get out on a technicality. The whole legal system is screwed.

  24. Chris Sharp


    I'm not saying there isn't corruption involved in some way but I don't actually see any evidence that there is. Is it possible that the very rich get life threatening illnesses too? I don't think there is enough information here to draw a conclusion from, if it does turn out that her medical condtion was minor then there should be an outcry but shouldn't we wait until we actually know something before making our minds up about it?

    I hate Paris Hilton with a passion but not because she's rich and adds nothing to the human race, I hate her because she is a truly horrible person with no care for anyone but herself (I know plenty of poor people who are the same, there's probably a common cause but it definitely isn't money). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: hate the person not the lifestyle, lots of rich white people serve quite serious prison time, seriously look it up, you'll see

    Rant over, sorry that wasn't very cohesive but I felt like I needed to vent

  25. Carrie

    too bumpy in her rumpy

    The girl has herpes. It was all over the news 2 years ago. Wouldn't be surprised if she had a major breakout due to stress.

    who knows what else she may have picked up?

  26. Jim Callum

    Never happen in England!!!!

    Thank gawd there's an England for our emulation in matters of justice.

    "Royal Prince will NOT be going to serve his country in Iraq."

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Health Problems

    Apparantly her problems are mental problems, in her head. Did she go into prison expecting to enjoy it, or what? So she discovered she doesn't like it, threw a hissy fit, and got let out. What a farce.

  28. Paul

    Why am I not surprised?

    Really, people. If this "medical condition" was serious enough to warrant removing her from the Graybar Motel, she (as a repeat offender with an obvious contempt for the rule of law) should be in hospital with an armed guard or two on the door, not lounging it up in her palatial bloody mansion!

    Fscking farce.

  29. peter

    RE: Er...

    "Is it possible that the very rich get life threatening illnesses too?"

    That require the urgent treatment of being sent home?

  30. Warren

    Example to our Youth

    As statisics are released this week, that the UK's 20-somethings are the worst drink-drivers in the last 10 years, are we suprised as some of their Idols are treated this way?

  31. David Trew

    Life-threatening illnesses for US celebs

    It called drinking too much, and other things too but I won't mention them here.

  32. david wilson

    You're right, it'd *never* happen here.

    In the UK, we'd *never* let someone rich out of prison early for dubious medical reasons, with or without the assistance of a well-paid doctor

    Now, I'll just go and toast British justice with a nice glass of Guinness, if I can only remember where I put it.

  33. Rachel


    Here is the problem with that theory.

    If she had a valid medical complaint, then why is the world just told "medical reasons"?

    Its not like she hasn't flaunted her entire body worldwide.

    They knew the world would react this way. Also, usually these problems just don't suddenly appear unless self inflicted. If she had a severe medical issue prior to this, it would have probably been brought up in the courts before she was actually jailed.

    If it is self inflicted, then we should probably ship her off in a nice white jacket for 40 days, rather than a cozy mansion where she could have all kinds of fun items stashed.

    Nope... she conducted herself horribly getting into this mess, was even more childish and ultimately lame during the court proceedings and now she's slinked out of jail due to hazy medical issues.

    She's not going to the hospital, not to the shrink.. she's going home.

    Sometimes, you just have to call the black kettle black.

  34. Jacques

    Pauvre Petit Paris

    What the numchuck is a chokey? Are you talking about the pokey? Or the hoosegow? If you were incensed at the treatment of Deirdre Barlow Rashid then you should probably be able to give pauvre petite Paris the benefit of the doubt.

  35. James Pickett

    The inmates at Guantanamo..

    ..are clearly missing a trick here. I admit the house arrest might be more difficult, but it sounds like Ms Hilton has some spare capacity...

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Please let it be serious

    Yes, she is certainly sick - everyone that comes into contact with her, even only through the media, has an overhwelming urge to vomit... that's one sick puppy...

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    .. for being a bit slow but who on earth is Paris Hilton?

  38. Tim

    Look at the bright side...

    Now that she has served time, maybe she'll produce a rap album?

  39. Andrew

    Re Sorry

    You lucky sod.

    Consider yourself fortunate that you have no idea who she is. Now please for your own sake forget you ever heard her name, its for the best.

  40. tim

    please let this be the final post on the subject netwide....

    if you don't know who she is... you are blessed.

    if you do know who she is... you're obviously in hell [ eternal suffering results].

    if you care about what can you not be disgusted by the all-inclusive shite regarding everything she is/has done?

    no clue who said it,mind, but it's apropos... "the boat sank, get over it"

    it may be a ref to the titanic, but it works.

    too bad the media is so lazy they can't find any real news, and need trulls to headline their industry.

  41. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    to the poster of "who cares"


    OJ Simpson couldn't be tried fairly because the police corrupted the evidence of his trial. It is an excellent example of how racism in the justice system can obstruct the truth and let people get away with just about anything.

    Soooooo, your example is completely bogus. Find a better one, like Michael Jackson.. if you dare.

    Race can still apply. America used to be very pro- white. I do have to say tho, being white isn't so helpful today if you're not super rich and charismatic. Just turn on any episode of Cops after 2004. It's racist against poor whites now.

  42. Ole Juul

    House arrest?

    3000 feet? Depending on your town, that's about 10 blocks. I've known lots of city people who don't move around further than that for years on end. They could have been on house arrest and not even know it!

  43. This post has been deleted by its author

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I'm only surprised that she actually spent even one night in the Ironbar Hotel...

    Now, as to her house arrest... Let's get real here... Why should she serve it in her own mansion... er, home ... LA County should put her in a typical single family home, visitors limited to immediate family and her attorney, and a county medical officer if necessary ... no parties and no alcohol or drugs in the house... and she can't be more than 200 feet from the house. If she feels she needs police guards to protect her from the neighbors and paparazzi, fine... but they stay outside the house, and she has to pay overtime rates for them. Oh, and she pays market rates to rent the house...


  45. heystoopid

    Poor Little Rich Girl

    Poor little rich girl, obviously her previous reality TV show , was a true crock! , for it failed to prepare her for the reality in the inside world of iron bars of today!

  46. Andrew Moore


    She could be on her way back to chokey:

    "LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has filed a motion for a hearing Friday before Judge Michael Sauer to argue that LA Sheriff's Department disobeyed the judge's direct orders that Paris Hilton would not receive special treatment."

  47. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Ankle Braclet for Paris Hilton....

    ......Hope it is a Cartier or Gucci one!!!!!

  48. Trevor


    Everyone seems to have forgotten the previous headline "Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days. Obviously after 3 days anoxia set in. Poor lass.

  49. Chet Dowling


    A diamond studded ankle bracelet, I'll wager.

  50. Bill L


    Please remember, it was Sheriff Lee Baca who release Hilton, not Paris herself.

    Baca is the typical right wing minority hassling crap most places have for sheriff (yes, I have heard of personal encounters). The LA County Sheriff department does the same things as the LAPD, but hasn't been caught in a big one yet.

    I'm no celebrity pimp or fan. I see them a lot, and they're too skinny, but I think those people that constantly dump on them should get a life of their own. Really, the rest of us are tired of hearing and reading you work out the dissatisfaction you have with your own lives in practically violent hatred of people just because they might get on the covers of a few tabloids.

    BTW, While you're shopping for a life, look for a brain, too. You are being led around by the nose by the less than honest tabloid and gossip industry.

    I bet you don't know that every national tabloid in the US is put out by the exact same company. There is no competition.

    Most gossip sites just repeat what the tabloids put out.

    It's all one small group of people playing games with your minds.

    And, unfortunately, they've shown that it's easy to do.

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