back to article Directgov publishes online wish list

Child truancy alerts and virtual tour of colleges or universities for teenagers are among the most wanted online services, according to a survey commissioned by Directgov. The Central Office of Information said the study, which questioned more than 2,000 adults and a representative sample of 14 to 18-year-olds, will be used to …


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  1. Bog Minot

    Sci fi pipe dreams

    Virtual driving lessons? Virtual MOTs? Seriously, have the people being surveyed ever used a computer in the real world?

  2. Ben Boyle

    Car Tax online

    "Both services are already available on Directgov – with the latter having migrated from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency's website – suggesting that work is still needed to communicate the availability of such services to the public."

    They already print it on the reminders that get sent out, what do people want? TV adverts so they don't actually have to go to the effort of reading?

  3. Mark

    Great idea

    What a great idea! Virtual MOT's! They should implement a paper-based self-assessment MOT first for proof of concept...

    They should stick a web cam in lessons so that students can learn from home. I'm sure it'll boost the amount of students who attend PE lessons.

    It seems that everything is becoming IT'ized. It makes out life lazy, not really easy. Fair enough for disabled people and retards, but for those people blessed with limbs there's not really an excuse. I'd much rather take a walk and meet people, and I'm sure they'd much rather meet me, unless it was a day when I went commando (wearing nought but a long mac).

    We'll all become fat social outcasts with personality problems. Dealing with txt on a screen is a lot different than dealing with people in real life. People may use web services to retreat into themselves, forsaking a social life for their forum 'chums' and virtual sex life. Well, virtual in every respect excluding their w*nking sock.

    My brother met two girls on the internet and went out with them. Both were mental.

    My girlfriend is scared to pick up the phone and make a call. Although that's more to do with the voices than a social problem.

    Back to the post. Good ideas, but a worry that society is becoming very lazy. Last night I was hungry so rather than walk down the road for a pizza I ordered one through my tv (television, not transvestite). Social isolation is a growing problem. I blame Microsoft.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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