back to article Amazon to buy NetFlix?

Yes, Amazon already offers a movie download service, but that won’t stop the world’s most famous web retailer from buying NetFlix, the movies-through-the-mail company that recently built an online service of its own. At least, that’s what the Associated Press is reporting. According to the AP, a Jackson Securities analyst named …


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  1. Morely Dotes


    I'm a happy NetFlix customer. I have no desire whatsoever to become an Amazon customer, for many reasons, including their nasty habit of spamming, an their unethical attempts to patent obvious and widespread business processes.

    And Blockbuster is not the answer; I have heard from a very reliable podcast on CNET that Blockbuster still sends its annoying phone robot to nag you if you keep a movie over 24 hours, even though there are no late fees. "Late nags" are not really better.

  2. JK

    Re: Ewwww!

    Blockbuster Online isn't too bad, their suggestion system needs some work (i.e. suggesting movies you already have seen, or movies you already rated at rock bottom, aka. "I never want to see this piece of crap again") -- Personally, I uh... I've done worse to them regarding their late movies... but never gotten a phone call? Is it required to give them your #? Because I might've skipped on that or given them an alternative number....

    That, and I never plan on using any DRM-laden piece of crap on-demand system.

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