back to article Wi-Manx launches WiMAX...nearly

The Isle of Man has got Europe's first commercial WiMAX network - or, at least, a wireless network using WiMAX equipment, even if it's not actually on a WiMAX frequency. Wi-Manx's network is currently only available in Douglas, the capital, but the company has plans to expand island-wide in the future. Operating on 3.6GHz to 3 …


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  1. John


    Nope, also includes the suburbs and nearby towns of Douglas;

  2. Andy Turner

    Only Douglas?

    It's a bit rubbish if only one bloke can get a signal.

  3. OpenSauce

    Community alternative

    Not breaking Manxnet broadband T&C's AFAIK.

  4. Kristjan Kangur

    Isle of Man not the first in Europe


    It seems that The Register has actually removed some of the countries from Europe as Estonia had commercial WiMAX network already last year. The proof I have right away is the map of the coverage from Norby Telecom here (sorry - in estonian language):

    The areas in yellow show the coverage on this map

    The news that linked to this map was dated 11.10.2006 and I am sure there were even eariler installations.

  5. Kristjan Kangur

    MAN not the first in Europe (cont.)

    Found an english newsflash from Levira, that proves my point made in last comment:

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Europe - the release says UK

    They dont claim to have the first in Europe, the website says UK

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