back to article Olympic promotional footage provokes epileptic fits

The 2012 Olympics website has pulled "a segment of animated footage" featuring "a diver diving into a pool which had a multi-colour ripple effect" after the snippet reportedly provoked epileptic fits. We hasten to add the animation did not feature the much-maligned Olympics logo, which to date has merely provoked apoplectic …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not so flash

    I wonder, does anybody check the millions of web pages containing flash or other forms of annoyance to ensure they don't have the same problem?

    Its time somebody reminded web page designers that annoying animations don't help the customer whose pages they appear on, because the most likely result of the annoyance is that potential buyers will close the page and buy from somebody else instead.

  2. Liam

    i had a fit too.....

    when i heard the logo cost £400,000+ to design.

    i mean, who the hell do they go to? how many designers were used to make something that looks like REALLY bad graffitti that says nothing about britain at all?

    these committees that approve such spending should be shot - how much dosh of taxpayers expense (i dont believe that all of it will come from funding and london council tax)? i mean its the olympics - its not even good sports is it? olympics is just a way to leech money from a contry and provide useless arenas for sports that people dont care about!

  3. Ken Green

    Shhoting them would be an expensive waste

    Liam, it would make more sense to make the committee members reimburse the £400K they've so thoroughly wasted. Shooting them would be a waste of bullets.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not the Logo

    The logo didn't cause the seizures; it was a piece of footage from the logo release party that contained subliminal anti-Islam messages and a few Sky adverts.

    In another store however the logo itself was responsible for uncontrolled shitting in 115 million people.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    About as likely as WiFi causing brain cancer

    I can think of no way to put this other than: What a load of utter bollocks!

    Globally there are almost no cases of television causing seasures, with the noteable exception of the Japanese Robot Sesure Warriors cartoon (not its real name, I know.) and this was a problem because their telly runs at 30Frames Per Sec/60 Fields Per Sec.

    I have seen the footage and it is just not the sort of thing that would trigger a photosensitive epeleptic seasure, this would be about as likely as WiFi causing brain cancer. The images aren't even particularly stroby - nothing compared to watching a hollywood red-carpet photographer scrum.

  6. preethi

    I too had a fit

    but falling to the ground i could not differentiate between the fit and the dose of inspiration that i was supposed to recieve from the logo.

    Pity i had to trouble the doctor to understand.

    His firm advice was to kick Ken "the congester" Livingstone up the bum and throw him in the drink.

  7. peter

    Not recorded

    I don't think the footage was a pirated cam of the opening. It looks much more like they supplied a copy to all the broadcasters, or perhaps the crowd were silently fitting on the floor below the sight line.

    Of course the latest bingo word is "stimulating debate" so this scores top marks within the advertising/logo fraternity along with journalists, TV producers and the general media.

    If we aren't watching the cow into steak on Real Food then its undercover webcam at the sainsburys deli or some airport security tat. Of course you can't be responsible or culpable for anything if it's all one big democratic debate because in the end we all had a fair say and then the Olympic Games went ahead just like this logo will.

  8. Michael

    Boon or bust?

    "olympics is just a way to leech money from a contry and provide useless arenas for sports that people dont care about!"

    Barcelona did quite well as a result of the games, having really catapulted the city's economy up a notch.

    Athens, on the other hand, got shafted.

    My point? If you do it right, the games can provide a huge infusion of new money into an area, invigorating economic activity for years to come.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "About as likely as WIFI causing cancer"

    Hi Fraser

    If you think that the video "is not the sort of thing that would cause a seizure in someone with photosensitive epilepsy" then the video you saw was NOT the one in question.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "About as likely..."


    there are thousands of cases of television causing seizures.

    If you think the Olympic video was "not the sort of thing that would cause a seizure in someone with photosensitive epilepsy" then the video you saw must have been the edited version, or the new video they've produced to replace the old one.

  11. Jenkins

    re: the brown note

    funny. Thanks, Mr anonymous, for reminding me of this,

    Incidentally, who are the Olympic games for? evidently not the british people...

    and also incidentally;;

    the reference to "lisa from the simpsons performing a sex act" is viewable on the BBC site... (user comments from yesterday)

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