back to article ITIL v3 is go

After three years gestation, the UK's Office of Government Commerce (OGC) yesterday gave birth to ITIL version 3. ITIL's friends promptly held a launch party in London to celebrate. Once upon a time, ITIL was merely an acronym for the IT Infrastructure Library. But now it is a “brand” for IT service delivery and represents an …


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  1. Tuomo Stauffer

    At last, I like it

    The first part has always been there - "but it pre-supposes a degree of organisational and management maturity" But this is a big enhancement "and also that ITIL is written in language that developers understand." The unfortunate thing ( IMHO at least in US ) is that (most of) the management is still not yet mature enough. ITIL is arguably the best model, the old IEEE, etc. models were based on much too strict rules ( one model fits all?), ITIL is more guidelines and/or framework, whatever you want to call it. The great thing following ITIL is that now I or anybody can walk in and fast understand what, where, how and why is done and how to change/improve/add the systems/infrastructure/and so on.

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