back to article Porton Down bio-terror tech re-used in odour-proof pants

It's well known that military projects can sometimes yield valuable spin-off technologies for civilian markets. For instance, missile programmes played a key role in early integrated-circuit production, laying the foundations for today's digital hardware. Likewise, Pentagon-funded researchers were instrumental in setting up the …


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  1. Rose

    At last!

    Boffins admit what we women have known for years: lager-and-curry is a particularly nasty form of biochemical warfare.

  2. Graham Lockley

    No Chance !

    A personal favourite snack is boiled eggs and pickled onions, do you think a little bit of carbon underwear stands a chance against the after effects of those ?

    Bring it on :)

  3. Nexox Enigma

    I wonder...

    I wonder if I could convince my office to shell out for a couple of these... Days are particularly bad when most of us have been out together the night before consuming more than our reccomended daily allowance of pints...

    Then again we haven't been able to get anyone to buy us a couple rolls of tape in months, so probably not.

  4. Robert Ramsay


    you can get the same effect by shoving an Odour-Eater down the back of your pants? Triple layer activated charcoal yadda yadda...

  5. Trevor

    Just a little brickete

    stategically (?) placed would achieve this effect too. Might cause extreme marking of the undies though.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I love this story! It as if all those days long ago in BAOR Land, (that's West Germany as was!) spent sweating off one's genitals in a pull over NBC Suit, (also called Noddy Suits, but only when we had run out of swear words!) were worth while. Have we, my one time comrades and I , contributed to this greatest of all inventions, the undetectable trouser cough suit! Makes finger pointing a thing of the past. The suits we had circa 1969 to 74 were of the two piece pull on over normal combat suit variety. And try firing a SLR left handed when wearing an S6 (Respirator) with the filter on the left. Joy of joys! (Quote from one of my NCOs. "Can I help it if you are a cack handed bastard, then?" Fortunately, the S6 drowned out my response that there had been no recorded marriages in his family since records were kept! Ah yes, those were the days!

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