back to article Google shivs server crowd with PeakStream buy

Google has stunned the server world by acquiring superstar start-up PeakStream, The Register can confirm. PeakStream's website and phone lines mysteriously crashed yesterday, indicating that the software maker was struggling to pay its bill or had been gobbled. As it turns out, Google has purchased the start-up for an …


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  1. Simon Dragon

    The honeymoon is over

    Oh well, folks, the honeymoon is over. So much for "don't be evil"... it now seems to be "don't be evil, ever, but sometimes you can not be less evil than at other times". (Sorry, Eric Arthur Blair, for that horrible, mangled paraphrase.)

    In some respects I'm more concerned about Google than Microsoft, these days --- yeesh, I never thought I'd see myself type THAT. But it's true. M$ just wants to make money and to hold on to the effective monopoly on OSs it's created for itself. Compared to Google, which seems to want nothing less than to know everything about everything and everybody, or at the very least to know where you can find it, it's positively inoffensive.

    Anybody else reminded of that blob-creature at the end of "Akira", swallowing up everything in sight?...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And what's so wrong with that?

    So Google wants to know everything, scan every book, index every page on the internet? They also want to deliver that to me free of charge in nice clean little package. Granted my personal bits ending up on Google and in the hands of a potential employeer is a downside, but I like to keep my personal bits off the internet to begin with.

    Google may be in the hands of greedy corperate money makers, but I think it's a little early to point and yell "M$ did it!"

  3. Butch Kaniecki

    Katamari Damacy meets Termminator

    From my less than impartial view of the world, it appears that Google has taken on the persona of the sticky ball in Katamari Damacy. Just rolling over things (rights, information, companies, etc) and picking them up where value is added and flattening and crumbling pretty much anything which stands in its way. Eventually it will reach critical mass where the entire elecronic world will succumb to the mighty Google Ball and everything we know and do will become minor appendages until it becomes self-aware and attempts to destroy all of humanity in a "Do No Evil" attempt at saving the human race through the most effacaious means available. Elimating the human race is the only sure way to save it from itself. The Google ball seems to be growing larger by the moment......

    Thanks Google - I can sleep better at night now.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    We are doomed, doomed I tell you.

  5. Andy Bright


    I feel this is the last nail in the Penguin's coffin.. RIP Spheniscidae, you will be remembered...

  6. Haro

    Google not that bad

    I'm in real need of old journal results, so I can continue with open projects such as my blog and wikipedia. The publishers just want to hold on this stuff that has almost no value to them. They don't even know what they have! That's why they can't produce a list.

    This 'pay wall' serves the established interests very well. So Google makes money cracking this wall, and puts up stuff about you. My stuff changes by the day, since I consider the whole Internet a big Second Life game. I'm more concerned about all the sleazy companies who let their databases get cracked.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Know more about PeakStream

    This blog give an brief about the buyout, also check out the cache of the PeakStream website. Here is the link

    Good Day

  8. Keif Gwinn

    So what startup should I start to get myself some of that lovely google cash...

    given they're buying up pretty much anything it's time for some vapour-ware and a good PR spin!

    I'll be minted by lunchtime...

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