back to article Apple's iPhone available on June 29

Apple has announced that its much-anticipated iPhone product will launch on 29 June in the US. The date was given in a series of television adverts broadcast on Sunday, and was later officially supported in a statement by a spokesman for the California-based company. The device - which combines the features of a mobile phone …


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  1. tim morrison

    You're forgetting how to convert currencies

    ...the American way.

    That is, "will sell for $499 (£251/€370) " actually translates into a 1:1 "will sell for £499" a la Windows Vista and Photoshop....

  2. N1AK


    I have high hopes for the iPhone. It's not that I want one, or that I even like apple. However, if it works and sells it will force other manufacturers to get their act together.

    I know a lot of people want the iPhone to flop, and as many as blindly pledging their soul for something they haven't even tried, but more competition, and a fresh take are good for us all.

    So I hope the iPhone IS a good phone and a reasonable success, because if it is everyone wins. Although the iPhone won't be the paradigm switch some people believe (it's clearly still a phone), it's one more step towards one, where you carry your computer in your pocket, and it succeeds in making your life easier.

    ie. checking train timetables by rss/xml feed, updating you of delays and suggesting alternative routes on the fly.

    Bring on the future.

  3. Des

    So what?

    This phone offers nothing new other than the brand

  4. Rich Bryant

    Wishful thinking

    I have nothing in particular against Apple (although i don't and don't want to own any of their products) but it'd be nice to see this fail miserably and never sell more than 50K or so.

    Not because i'd like Apple to fail, particularly. Mostly because some guy in a different comments rant claimed that "Apple is not just a different company, it's a different reality" and since i'd have to exert myself to hunt him down and stap him repeatedly in the face, watching his precious fall into Mount Doom is probably the second best option.

  5. Nexox Enigma

    Distributed Face Stabbing

    I'm onboard with this face stabbing idea, which got me to thinking - maybe a whole lot of people are too. Maybe enough that one of us is within easy distance of the aforementoned Apple Fanboy. If we get enough people and some luck, we can have all the face stabbing we want with very little effort...

    So I'll go ahead and finish my coffee whilst you all go find someone nearby ranting about the importance of animation and soft edges in guis and cutting edge industrial design and impale them.

  6. Aubry Thonon

    Big Whoop.

    Is Apple to become the new Microsoft? There is nothing new about the iPhone - HTC and others have had "smart" phones for quite a while now. And yet, Apple is claiming a "breakthrough" in Phone Paradigm the same way that MS recently claimed a"breakthrough" with it's new concept of the "touch-sensitive" table.

    Someone get me a bucket, this glory hounding is making me sick.

  7. Ned Fowden

    it's a damn phone tbh

    being fairly honest, i don't give a monkeys whether this product succeeds or not.

    I only need my phone to make & receive calls and send & receive text messages.

    I don't need to be mobile with everything technoligically possible on one little handset.

    you get the worst of everything and the best of nothing in a small box not worth a smidgeon of it's production value.

    I got rid of the gadgety phone after i bought a Razr, i'm back to a basic nokia, and even that has too many features. i don't need a camera on a mobile phone, i have a high quality digital camaera for taking pictures.

    I own an ipod and a creative zen mp3 player, i don't need a phone to do that.

    personally i think this is going to flop, but not based on the reasons i wouldn't buy one.

    it's simply too much in one phone, look at the equivalent competition, none of them are massive sellers.

    back to basics please

  8. Sean Aaron

    Sounds like someone needs to get a life...

    What's with all the hate towards a gadget? I can understand not liking mobile phones generally, but one specific one just because it's flash and people are excited about it?

    Sounds like you guys need to get a hobby or get on with that coronary you're working on from getting so upset about things that have nothing to do with you. Bet you were positively seething about Smart cars and Sony Bravia LCD televisions too!

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phoney rationale

    Marketing hype aside, the iPhone promises a real change in these portable devices' usability. I hope it's a huge success because it will force change in an industry where that is sorely needed.

    People who say there's nothing new seem merely to be looking at individual features and they draw the same conclusions as those who criticised the iPod for the same reasons. The key to the iPod's success, and the iPhone perhaps, is the WAY in which the devices work ... the absolute ease of use and the integration.

    If the iPhone can give the user the same sort of experience as the iPod ... it's already a winner.

  10. John Vaudin

    Purely Digitial

    According to Apple's site the iPhone's has "entirely new user interface .... letting you control everything with just your fingers". As opposed to what exactly? Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I tend to operate my phone with my fingers.

    And please no dictaphone comments....

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "No" Cingular phone contract included w\expensive price

    i went down to my local neighborhood Apple store, and the manager at that store shared with me that the iphone was being sold with no contract with Cingular\AT&T\Southwester Bell or which ever other name you want to use.

    all i asked was if they new what plans will be included when purchasing the iphone, and he said that the phone is being sold separately from that of a cell phone agreement plan. meaning that i would have dish out more dollars if i want my "iphone" to be utilized as mobil cell phone device.

    wow, that would be getting so close to $1,000 mark for the apple iphone, i guess i am going to opt out for the linksys iphone instead lol.....

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