back to article Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days

Paris Hilton yesterday began her 23 day sentence for violating probation on a drink-drive rap, the BBC reports. The highly-talented "heiress-turned-pop singer" presented herself at Century Regional Detention Centre in Lynwood, California, shortly after bidding a temporary farewell to her public at the MTV Movie Awards. She …


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  1. Edward Fingleton

    Going down eh...

    Going down for 32 days, thats got to be some sort of record, as well as a goldmine for anyone with a camera handy!

  2. Stuart Gray

    "Goes down for 28 days"?

    Is this part of the "outdoor recreation" she is allowed? Fnarr, fnarr


  3. Lloyd

    Good News

    I understand she'll be shooting some more of those "infamous" videos whilst she's in there.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Perez Hilton

    So El Reg has now decided to take some market shares from the Perez Hilton website?

    What does this got to do with IT? What does it got to do with anything?

  5. Karl Lattimer

    Props to Lester

    His unwavering sarcasm when it comes to celebrities is what keeps bringing us back to read elreg and the satirical look some of the reporters have of the world.

    Vive La Lester Haines!

    BTW: Don't you think "Highly talented" was taking it a little too far?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    After closing a bar with a few good friends we exited onto the main street of a city. Being a geek/jock I was goofing around with a friend throwing pulled punches. Some guy drunk and belligerent barged in and started throwing punches at me for real. I didn't know him, had never seen him before but couldn't get him to stop. He kept executing slow, high round house kicks that were easy to evade. Finally I knocked his feet out from under him but as I was leaning over him telling him he was too drunk to fight a cop grabbed me. I ended up in the drunk tank for the remainder of the night. It's the only time I've ever been locked up but the real impact came from the heavy metal sound of the steel door sliding shut and the large lock clanging into place. That sound has stayed with me. It's not like being sent to your room. It's being locked in a steel cage. Maybe Hilton won't be as deeply impressed as I was but the complete loss of freedom.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Can we keep her there?

    In the same vein as The Truman Show (and for the love of God), can we make her 22 day stay in prison much, much longer? I'd happily donate to a fund to keep her locked up.

  8. Steven

    Do we know which other "celebs" will be in there with her?

    Because even if it's just coppers and politicians it would still be a better batch that the last celelbrity BB. I imagine they have security cameras everywhere as well so surely it would just be a case of streaming it to some channel or other and people would be riveted. The question is whether the phone votes go to their release or towards them going to the chair. I guess any italian inmates would choose the latter.

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Paris Hilton goes down for 23 days

    No, I give up. I've read this several times, and still can't see tht the story has any IT connection.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fans? What fans?

    "Even though this is a really hard time, I have my family, my friends and my fans to support me, and that's really helpful."

    Fans? What fans? What has she actually done with her needlessly over privileged life to garner fans other than serving as a warning about a lack of parental love? Oh, wait. That video...

  11. James Pickett

    Special people

    "celebrities, public officials, police officers, and other high-profile inmates"

    Wonder what would happen if they didn't have a VIP suite?

  12. Stuart Gray

    IT connection:

    The item was copied from the BBC website, and written using a computer. :)

  13. muzchap


    "No, I give up. I've read this several times, and still can't see tht the story has any IT connection."

    I think the IT reference is she's an IT GIRL or maybe people just assume IT + GOING DOWN are not mutually exclusive?

  14. regadpellagru

    What fans, V2 ?


    What fans anyway ? Oh wait, I have this vid. on the torrent ;-)

    And yes, I think "highly talented" (which you've been witnessed

    using a lot, and maybe too much not to ask exactly *why* ;-),

    is a bit over-stated.

    Quite a lot of girlies can do the same, ya know ...

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pay Jail

    Can anybody explain what Pay Jail is? I can assume but I am curious.

  16. bambi

    Transfer after day 1

    How long do you reckon she will last before she's after a transfer to a 'pay-prison'?

    Does she realise the only choice as to the bottle to take into the shower is the colour of glass she gets stuck with.

    Who knows in 28 days she might learn some useful life skills, like crystal meth production......

  17. Dick

    Maybe she can get a job at the

    carwash when she gets out.

  18. Colin Jackson

    Careful now...

    A lot can happen in 28 days. The entire population of the British Isles could be wiped out by a killer rage virus or something. She might be in the safest place.

  19. Jeremiah Steidl

    IT connection

    Simple, all her "fans" are actually just a giant botnet she hired to make her look popular.

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The IT angle

    She tried to use the internet to start a campaign to keep her out of jail. Sadly the internet being the last great democracy responded with a campaign to make sure she went into jail. She will be on YouTube next week.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "heiress-turned-pop singer" ???

    She sings?

  22. heystoopid

    What talent?

    What talent , that be the question?

    I've heard canaries sing better then her , she can't act to save herself!

    Her reality TV show sucked at the ratings!

    And the list goes on!

    Sadly , just another over indulgent useless little rich socialite who fell from grace !

    P.S. whatever did happen to the family Bentley?

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A Worldwide Paris Blackout

    She likes the attention of being famous, but nobody likes her. Why not just refuse to mention her, that should shut her up. A complete worldwide blank, ban her from Google.

  24. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    23 days later...

    Now that would be something ... Paris Hilton awaking in a prison 28 days after [insert apocalyptic disease here] has ravaged the U.S. , turning everyone into mindless beings .... wait, she would be immune: she's already brainless.


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