back to article Twitchers in a flap over 'cock' gagging

Bird botherers down at RSPB forums are in a flap over the avian conservation charity's censoring of the word "cock". Furious cock commenter JohnD, of Holmfirth, challenged moderators: "When is it not in order to refer to a male bird as a **** and a femail [sic] as a hen? It's censorship that is just silly," the Evening Standard …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    And once more...

    ...sanity goes completely out of the window in order to keep the PC twats happy.

    "It is far from an ideal situation, but it is better to be safe than sorry."

    WTF?!? Sorry for what? Using the English language as it was meant?

    I despair, I really do..

  2. Rob


    ... happens to the best of us every now and again (not me though).


  3. Richard Rae

    You can just imagine the same people....

    .... censoring big brother

    you **** ******* ******* ********* ******* ******* *** ***** **** **** **** ****** ********** ******* ***** ***** ****** ********** **** and ****** ***** ******** ****** ***** ******* ******** because **** ********* ** you ****** ** and then you **** you know

  4. Josh


    This is just absurd...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I sense the hand of Lester Haines on that cock in the headline

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We have a winner!

    ...I'm pretty sure I know what I'm voting for in the next Reg. Headline contest. The folks that decided to censor this are a bunch of female dogs and male chicken suckers.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What about

    all the tits and of course, the shag?

  8. Steve McKinty

    Kids need to learn

    It doesn't seem to occur to these prats that children need to learn that words can mean different things, and that by censoring *all* occurrences of a word like cock they are merely emphasising the vulgar meaning over all the rest.

    What next, censoring "bottom" because one of its meanings makes young kids giggle?

  9. xjy

    Silly bunts

    "Cocks for the chop by bird protectors"

  10. David

    ooer missus

    Just imagine the trouble a twitcher could have posting a description of a farmyard scene on one of their recent rambles.

    ...the Turkey was gobbling at a large Cock that had invaded its patch. I was watching a large gathering of Great Tits worrying another large Cock, the Swallows this year are in great abundance.

    Read with a slightly adenoidal Brummie accent it all seems clean and decent.

  11. pondscum

    I'm a bird watcher from...

    Scunthorpe. Let's see if that gets past.

  12. heystoopid

    Sad , but very stupid!

    Say this is as bad as using an American Dictionary from Microsoft Word(tm) in the proper English Speaking world of the other 650 million or so language users outside George's new Empire of drug riddled new acquisitions(one new NATO military province alone bordering the Greater New Russia! , alone produces 6,700 metric tonnes and has a fast expanding production! , for this narcotic)

    Oh how well we were warned back in the late sixties , about all these wankers and adherents to the "Peter Principle" who would seek to impose all silly and illogical ways in a uniform manner!

    So many wankers , but sadly no commonsense will prevail in this new century , of the new age of the dark uniform unenlightenment that is coming!

    How silly are we? , to let these fools and idiots lord over us?

  13. A J Stiles

    MS Word Spelling Checker

    A friend of a friend of mine once was typing up the tracklisting of an (Oasis, if my memory serves me correctly) CD in Microsoft Word. One of the tracks was called "f***ing in the bushes" -- but originally with the letters U, C and K in place of my friend's friend's modesty-stars.

    What was interesting was Word's list of suggestions for the "mis-spelt" word. These included "face-lifting" and, probably with an ironic ring of truth for some people, "fact-finding" ! As in, "The minister has just returned from a f***ing mission to Thailand."

    Interestingly, further experiments showed that Word treated correctly-spelt swear-words as correctly-spelt, but never offered them as suggestions for mis-spelt words -- so it must be keeping track of which words are or are not considered fit for use in polite company.

    That gives me an idea for a hack which would be much more phun than simply popping up pr0n sites or redirecting web searches to competitors' sites .....

  14. Anthony St.John

    RSPB apologist

    Yesterday (1st June) an apologist from the RSPB gave BBC Radio 4's PM programme the following explanation:

    It's the computer's fault!

    Apparently their blog filter replaced cock by ****.

    As you rightly point out though, there's plenty of tits and even a few shags (a water bird like a cormorant the RSPB rep hastily said) on the RSPB site.

  15. Phil Caldwell


    The upright citizens of South Carolina often stage public shagging contests. The Shag is a popular (non-horizontal) dance there.

    A wonderful piece of inverse-prudery from Microsoft - when Intel first launched the the successor to the 486, Word's spell checker used to helpfully correct "Pentium" to "penis".

  16. Ian Ward

    Get the facts right

    You tell a tiny part of the story.

    Apparently this occured once, and the filter dictionary was edited to remove the word cock as soon as they were informed / had picked it up.

    Listening to the member of staff from the RSPB on the radio yesterday, is sounds as though the media has kicked up a huge storm, a lot of it inaccurate, about a one-off incident that was not that significant.

    Oh well, nothing changed there, then ...

  17. Nev

    Same on every forum

    It's the same on most forums.

    It's a standard (very dumb) dictionary

    based censor.

    Even Scunthorpe gets censored.


  18. James Cleveland

    What about

    Blue tits? Hello?

  19. Alex

    My cock

    I'd just like to say that I have a far larger cock than anybody who has bothered to post here. Hell inevitably somebody was going to post this, might as well get it out sooner rather than later...

  20. Zac

    Not just Blue Tits!

    What about the Greater Tit, the Shag, the Boobie? There are many more animals that will loose their name. Maybe they could form a union and go on strike.


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