back to article Bush hugs trees in sudden policy U-turn

US President G W Bush, previously renowned for his resistance to carbon-emissions control, yesterday appeared to execute a policy U-turn. The American leader called on the world's main economic powers - and thus, main greenhouse-gas belchers - to come together on long-term goals to limit atmospheric change. The main thrust of …


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  1. Kit Temple

    Rainfall increase

    It seems logical enough that there will be more rainfall as global warming develops (more on global basis). If there is more heat, then there should be more water evaporation.

    The extra water will contribute to the upcoming additional natural disasters - floods, mudslides etc.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We've been so blind!

    I'm glad America is there to point out to the rest of us that there's (most probably) a problem with climate change that needs everyone to get together to sort out. Why couldn't the rest of the world have done this before? We've been so blind! In retrospect, the world leaders should have met somewhere, about 9 years ago, to figure out a way to deal with the issue ...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Use less oil

    Oil is an expensive resource. If you use less oil to do a task you're more efficient. If India uses 10 barrels to do a task and USA uses 5 barrels, the American goods are $300 cheaper to make and more competitive in the market.

    Since fossil fuel is where the carbon comes from that fixes global warming too.

    So saying:

    "we'll only fix global warming if India and China do it too"

    Is really saying:

    "we'll only use less oil if India and China do it too"

    Is really saying:

    "we'll only be become more efficient if India and China do it too"

    Is really saying:

    "we'll only be more competitive if India and China become more competitive too"

    Is really saying:

    "Use more oil because it makes my base richer, even if it messes up the US economy with inefficient resource use."

  4. Chad H.

    I think Bush's timetable for action looks like this:

    2008: Have a meeting to discuss if there is a problem

    2012: Decide maybe there is a problem

    2016: Decide maybe that something should be done

    2020: Realise that Superman isnt real, so he cant fix it

    2022: As above, but with Batman

    2024: Decide that a decision must be taken on action

    2028: Decide its too late.

  5. Dillon Pyron

    Rain in Belize

    Two years ago it rained pretty heavily every day we were there. The floor of the rain forest was deep mud. I guess the problem is more inland.

  6. Mike Morgan

    It was just smoke and mirrors

    George the younger is not planning anything, but he makes noises that sound like he is. It is just smoke and mirrors to make it looks like he is doing something other than just supporting his base the rich corporate heads.

    This is the norm over here, and isn’t it amazing what you can get use to. We all know that when the younger opens his mouth it is always a lie.

    I have never seen such a corrupt government as the one we have now. These kind of corrupt governments are in the third world and supported by the good old USA so their countries people and resources can be exploited. It has been said many times here in the USA we get the best government money can buy, and it is so true.

    By the way Chad:

    You forgot just trust in god the end is near so why do anything.

  7. Jim

    What did Junior actually say?

    Wasn't it something like "We need to do something about global warming, maybe there should be a meeting after I'm out of office so the next incumbent can then dismiss my rantings as irrelevent if they feel like it". It is amazing that politicians are now patting each other on the back for promising to do absolutely nothing.

    And why is it always the Indians & Chinese that get dragged into this as serious polluters? Let's compare a useful measure, how about tonnes of CO2 per person?

    US = 24.09

    EU = 10.74 (UK = 11.01)

    China = 3.05

    India = 1.34

    What is perhaps shocking is that Australia tops the list at 27.54.

    But of course it is easier to blame China and India cos they are 'really big'.

    (Figures stolen from - all sources provided there)

  8. Morely Dotes

    Bush hugging trees?

    He must have found a knife that cuts through tree bark like butter, then. Anyone being hugged by Bush needs to watch his (or its) back.

  9. heystoopid

    In real life it is just plain political double speak and no action , business as usual!

    In real life George W Bush is very much a man of the English double speak language , for in his term of State Governor of Texas and including the two terms he has been elected as President of the Union of the new Soviet States of Amerika(Arnie the current California Governator , has much to learn from this very elusive weasel of a politician) ! He has yet to tell the real truth outside the normal nonsensical rhetoric that is the leading hallmark of all his Karl Rove written speeches!

    Given that what he says , and what he actually does in reality is totally different , and the extensive use Karl Rove undermining dirt by hidden imputation and innuendo to undermine all critics and political opponents(e.g. like Senator Carey , a real Vietnam war hero with honest military medals won the hard way in real combat , yet a number of unnamed hidden critics were given extensive airtime and TV ad's to impugn his war history credibility in vast contrast to GW's draft dodging drunken orgy and drug addicted ways in the same period of time as John Carey was fighting for his life in Vietnam!) Poor Hilary Clinton , if she does win , she will be subjected to one of the most vicious and evil smear campaigns ever conceived and the usual late pre-poll electoral roll cleansing Florida Style to eliminate her supporting voters in many key states!

    If you very carefully analyze all his carefully orchestrated public comments and speeches to this date , there is no real concrete in the promises and all terms are couched within deniable charlatan rhetoric which allows him to do the exact opposite at every opportunity without restraint !

    This man is a true expert of political double speak , in every sense of the word ,and what he normally does in real life , is everything else other than his vacant hollow promises! , for he be a man who has total and absolute contempt for the truth at all times!

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    yes. although many many cites have 'signed into' the Kyoto protocol, the states and legislation have not.

    but lets not forget that Australia is also not signing up.

    but Bush now seems to want to join into the green debate...perhaps to try

    to get some legacy? however, it will be on his terms.

    ..and worse than that, it'll take years for this new agreement to be thrashed out.

    USA used to believe that being green would be harmful to their industry and economy. they now realise that their industry is so power-hungrgy and produces such power-hungry devices (eg Ford and GM both make some of the most inefficient vehicles - Chinese and Japanese cards are however more efficient - and are outselling US products...) that it is too costly to make goods.

    as a final dig into reasonable green requirements - surely making your country far far far less dependant on foreign source energy - OIL! - you can stick it up to those countries that believe they hold power over you. if Europe and

    USA used no imported oil then WHAT would the middle east bring to the table?

  11. Giles Jones Gold badge

    China and India

    While the CO2 emissions per person are lower than the US, the rate their economies are growing will mean those figures will rise rapidly.

    Especially given China uses coal and other high polluting fuels.

  12. Ed

    Couldn't you have made a better headline...

    involving bushes and trees? I can't think of one, but I'm sure there is!

  13. Michael

    not the president

    "...under the existing 1997 Kyoto agreement. The Bush administration refused to join Kyoto largely for that reason..."

    You are aware that G. W. Bush wasn't the President in 1997...right?

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