back to article MySQL warns Microsoft on open source credibilty

Microsoft must work with, not against, open source otherwise it risks sacrificing developer support and credibility among customers - even Windows loyalists. That's according to the chief executive of a fast growing open source competitor to Microsoft's popular, but closed-source, SQL Server database. Marten Mickos, MySQL …


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  1. Don Mitchell

    MySQL Performance

    When is MySQL going to publish TPC-C benchmark results so we can see how they really compare to MS SQL Server and Oracle and others?

    I've seen unofficial results that show MySQL about 50 times slower, and of course those tests are denounced. So let's see the tests done right. Time for a little openness of information.

  2. Matthew Sinclair

    Be careful not to fall into traps...

    Benchmarks can be bribed/bought off, and messed with to screw results.

    Thats prob. why they avoid them.... the Micro$haft empire has more cash than MySQL ever had.

    I also never heard or seen of such reports of the MySQL db being that slow... odds are they didn't design the system propperly. You'd be surprised how a DB design can slow your system down big time... and have nothing to do with the engine itself... it could also be the hardware... or the internet connection.

    Too many variables to list.

    With the control you have in Linux/Unix systems... ill stick with MySQL...

    Can't get that kind of control in windoze.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    benchmark comparisons? shows why you'll not see many bad benchmarks for MS-SQL. I think I'd trust open-ness more

This topic is closed for new posts.

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