back to article Data protection watchdogs' letter to Google goes public

A letter from an influential group of privacy experts in Europe saying that Google's new privacy policies appear to breach the requirements of the EU's data protection regime was published today. Previously, Google operated a policy of retaining search queries and identifying information, such as Internet Protocol (IP) …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why does google remember information about searches?

    Read that Google blog entry:

    "Improve our services: Google’s spell checking software automatically looks at your query and checks to see if you are using the most common version of a word’s spelling."

    Since when has language been person specific? Individual people don't have their own individual languages!

    "Maintain security and prevent fraud and abuse..It is standard among Internet companies to retain server logs with IP addresses as one of an array of tools to protect the system from security attacks."

    For 18 months? If you haven't detected an attack after 18 months then you're not complying with the 'Data protection laws around the world that require Internet companies to maintain adequate security measures to protect the personal data of their users.' as you claim. It's double talk.

    "Comply with legal obligations to retain data: Search companies like Google are also subject to laws that sometimes conflict with data protection regulations, like data retention for law enforcement purposes. For example, Google may be subject to the EU Data Retention Directive, which was passed last year, in the wake of the Madrid and London terrorist bombings, to help law enforcement in the investigation and prosecution of “serious crime”."

    There's no law to retain search data the EU proposal DOES NOT SAY ANY SUCH THING YOU LYING SACK OF S***, EU Parliament specifically put safeguards in exactly against that! There is however a law (and also a fundamental right) that says you can't keep data longer than necessary. I'm staggered by the sliminess of that reply, it's to attempt to suggest that if the privacy law is enforced against them then terrorists will kill your babies. Cheney, is that you?

    First we had 'don't be evil', then we had 'well maybe a little evil', now to 'well the other guy is totally evil, so relatively speaking we're ok', soon they'll be full on selling search data on world leaders to the Russian Mafia to fund their crack habit.

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