back to article Toshiba, Canon delay SED TV debut - again

Toshiba has put back the debut of SED (Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display) TVs. Most recently earmarked for a Q4 introduction, when the TVs will now appear is anyone's guess - Toshiba certainly isn't saying. The Japanese giant blamed the delay on Canon, which is developing the SED panels due to be used in Toshiba's …


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  1. Alex

    CRTs can do HD, too

    "By targeting the individual red, green and blue colours of each pixel, however, the displays can be scaled to support HD resolutions."

    They aren't exactly slim, but there have been CRTs (both computer monitors and TVs) capable of displaying HD content for years.

  2. Joe K

    Waste of time

    2 years ago this sounded great, now with LCD prices plummetting per year, and the tech getting seriously brilliant (honestly, no-one can tell between a contrast ratio of LCD's 10000:1 and SED's theoretical million-to-one ratio) i can't see the point of bringing these to market now.

    Not least because, as a totally new tech, they'll be crazy expensive for ages, by they time they become affordable we'll all be on OLED printable screens and HD mini-projectors.

  3. Bob Hannent



    LCD displays just don't cut it professionally, that is why Toshiba announced that initially SED would only be available to broadcasters. LCD's colour reproduction is poor, the response time is not great and it is based on the idea of blocking light not emitting light. Most of the 'enhanced' contrast LCD displays just dim the backlight in response to a darker picture, and this is not satisfactory. SED at the moment seems like the answer to the prayers of professional people who need true video reproduction. Considering no one is making 'Grade 1' broadcast CRTs any more the broadcast market needs SED as a replacement, because no LCD truely meets the mark.

  4. Giles Jones Gold badge

    People can tell the difference

    Many LCD TVs have poor blacks.

    Also, this technology can probably be utilised in projectors which will be good news.

  5. A J Stiles

    SED is a bad choice of name

    SED is a dreadful choice of name ..... it's understood by electronic engineers to mean "smoke emitting diode" !

    As for HD CRTs, is anyone in the copy-prevention camps aware that it's possible, with a little signal conditioning, to extract unencrypted RGB signals from the grid drives and recover the timing information from the scan coils?

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