back to article Sony to release PS3 firmware update today

Sony is to update the PlayStation 3 system software today, rolling out a firmware tweak that allows PSOne, PS2 and DVD movies to be upscaled by the console to full 1080p HD resolution via HDMI. Well, if you've got the right kind of telly, of course... PS3 Firmware 1.80 also rolls out internet-spanning remote control using a …


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  1. JP

    Got it this morning

    Unfortunately I didn't have time to check out the content upscaling at all before coming to work. If it's any good then I may end up using the PS3 as my primary DVD player since the 360 is unable to upscale DVDs over component (supposedly to be DMCA compliant or something). Since my PS3 is hooked up via HDMI I imagine there shouldn't be any issues there. I'll be interested in looking into this whole DNLA thing since it's not something I've come accross up to now.

  2. zedee

    But what about Guitar Hero??

    PS3 mucks up the guitar controller using a USB converter, was hoping the firmware would fix that....

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So does adding upscalling make it worth the price?...

    ... no.

    If they think this will make it more attractive, they can think again. By all reports most people are uninterested in HD anyway. They want portable gadgets and they want the Wii (which isn't even HD!).

    I can't see adding upscaling to the already overpriced PS3 making it any more attractive to get people to buy into their Blu-Ray gamble.

    They would have been better off leaving out the Blu-Ray stuff and launching a next-gen games machine at a fraction of the price. But of course Blu-Ray is their baby and they won't let it lie (especially with those lucrative licence fees at stake). Hardly anyone cares, and those that do already realise HD-DVD is a far cheaper and less restrictive option but even that may not get anywhere (SACD vs DVD-A anyone?).

    I can still see plenty of PS3s collecting dust in stores as they currently are.

  4. Boris H.


    Who cares about this HD mumbo jumb what about the GH2 controller support

  5. Fabian

    Make stronger UMD cases for the UMD's

    ok ok

    when I put the UMD in my pocket or even in a friggin' "UMD" case

    the plastic front of the UMD falls in.

    If i push the plastic part in, it falls in, or out, the point is that it falls somehow.

    and sometimes , its not me, the the friggin' case falls itself if pressed hard enough!

    I think i speak for all PSP owners when i say:


    Thank you

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