back to article Skype worm leaps onto MSN

Malware miscreants have created the first worm targeting Skype that's also capable over other instant messaging networks, such as MSN and ICQ. The unnamed worm poses as a chat message linking to a website, as with other example of Skype-spreading malware before it. This malicious website contains a .pif file, that poses as " …


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  1. Andrew Herron

    Worms gonna turn...

    Hmmmm... wonder if this little bugger can infect Kubuntu? No it can't... another good moment to leave the clutches of Redmond I think ;-)

  2. Steve Graham

    lazy reporting

    Yes, can you please mention "this affects Windows users" or something. It's not an issue for Mac or Linux or other systems.

  3. Cordel

    You know most will click the link :S

    I had just seen a study done where a web site was setup with a link named "download virus here" I wish I could find the post but was sad to see how many people actualy clicked the link. Of course, there was no real virus used in the study.

  4. Doug Bird

    No, its not

    Why would a pif file infect non-windows machines?

  5. Ed

    Why would you assume...

    that most people would know what a .pif file is? Its not as if its a file format that people come across frequently...

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    duhh. teh reg

  7. Andre Fucs

    This was predicted...

    Cross network worms were one of the subjects of one presentation that I did with some friends during last Blackhat Europe. I would say that's just the first evolution. If they follow the points discussed during the presentation more things are coming. :-)

  8. Andre Fucs

    BTW... the link to the presentation

This topic is closed for new posts.

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