back to article US Army funds Prius-style hybrid battlewagon

The US Army is funding the development of a prototype military hybrid vehicle operating on similar principles to the groundbreaking Toyota Prius. Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Inc of California announced it had won the contract in a release on Monday. Under the $4.88m deal, Quantum will develop a diesel hybrid version of …


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  1. Mike Richards Silver badge

    Great name guys

    As if the US Army didn't already have an image problem, here comes the 'Aggressor'.

    With marketing like this, it might be time to reinstate the 'Crusader' howitzer* and - hey - while we're at it why not go the whole hog and get the 'Ravening Barbarian Hordes' main battle tank?

    * Scrapped on the entirely novel grounds for a defence contract of not actually being very good.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    You can see EMP weapons becoming the battlefield tool of choice...

    (Yes I know military electronics are 'hardened' but I'm sure an EMP generator can be amplified, tuned, maybe even focussed to take care of even these)

  3. Marvin the Martian

    What has EMP to do with it?

    Oh, because this one has an electric motor it will be more sensitive to electrical problems?

    Have you ever driven a car in the last 50years? Any car is equally sensitive, being chock-full of microprocessors and sensors.

    Viva electric cars and their acceleration --- an electric sports car is almost as good as a run-of-the-mill motorbike in that department! Maximum torque at 0mph. Good acceleration indeed.

  4. Steve Evans

    On the irony...

    ...of the US of A rolling into yet another country in their electric car to get their hands on their oil.

    Ooops, sorry, I mean to rid the world of terrorists... What was I thinking. silly me.

  5. Matthew


    With all their iPod, camcorders, laptops and mobile phones, the damn things will run flat in minutes.

  6. DrFix

    Oh, for names sake!

    Mike hit the nail on the head. Still, you only need to look at automobile names here to get an idea about the mentality that goes into the marketing and buying of said "products"

    Ford Explorer, Expedition, Excursion.... They simply got bigger and BIGGER... I put forth that the next one in line would be (using the Ex..) either the Exclusion or the Exterminator!

    Anyone for a 6000 SUX from RoboCop? Anyone?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have you heard yanks?

    Silent, are we talking about Americans here? god's sake you can usually hear them a-whooping and a-hollering 30 miles away!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    We Hear and Obey Oh Nanny State

    Most times I agree with the opinions of El Reg's readers even if I am a "Damn Yankee". I find it rather amusing that many of you have found your lifes calling taunting Americans when YOU people give up your own liberties and common sense at the drop of a hat.

    Most of us are not militant, gun toting, tobacco chewing, rednecks like our own "King George". I'm quite sure your own military has it's own "brain trust" of marketing droids who come up with inane names for tanks etc. You have a lot to be concerned with in your own government, spend your energy where it will have some effect. Otherwise, kiss my american "arse"!

  9. Morely Dotes

    Diesl-electric hybrid? Missing a good bet!

    According to Scientific American at it's possible to fill a tank with aluminum (or the Brit aluminium)/gallium pellets and use water as the "fuel" to generate hydrogen silently - and thus run a fuel cell rather than a diesel to charge the batteries and power the Aggressor.

    I suppose this means that Mad King George IV will want to invade nations with large bauxite deposits next, but at least those are mostly not Muslim nations.

  10. Dan

    Whats in a name

    "Aggressor" seems like a fine name for a lightweight, longrange vehicle, at least as a codename for a prototype... whether the army even buys into this vehicle and still decides to keep that name is very much up for grabs. I bet they name it after someone famous, like the Bradley vehicle or the Patton tank (and both of those guys were pretty damn aggressive, I've heard). Aggression wins wars, there is no way around that, but it doesn't imply whether the war is just or not...

    And the Crusader howitzer is more likely to have been named for the Allied liberation of Europe than the knights-and-horses version (assuming its named after any event at all, not just a cool term)- in the immortalized words of Gen. Eisenhower: "You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade... ...The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you".

  11. James Pickett


    " I'm sure an EMP generator can be amplified, tuned, maybe even focussed"

    Indeed. The MIG-25 (Foxbat) had a narrow-beam radar that could allegedly fry a rabbit a kilometre away. It was also did much the same to enemy countermeasures that it chose to aim at...

  12. Ed Coyne


    It seems to me that one of the greatest advantages of this type of system comes with logistics. If a unit were to run out of fuel there are options to 'limp' home as opposed to being totally screwed.

    As solar technology develops it may be possible to equip these with an array large enough to provide emergency power. Likewise you could have a portable battery pack that the soldiers could bring to the closest mains line to recharge and power the vehicle.

    Simply opening more options on the battle field seems to be a great idea. That being said I think they would be better served with a traditional hybrid approach of both engines being able to move the vehicle than their diesel generator eclectic engine approach. If the electric system goes out it would be nice to have a trusty old deisel system to run on.

  13. Ishkandar

    Dear Mr. Morely Dotes

    There is no need to fill a modern main battle tank with aluminium pellets since the damn thing is MAINLY aluminium anyway. Might be a tad worrying to the crew if the frontal armour gets thinner by the minute though !!

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