back to article German cops will track G8 crusties by their smell

German police are compiling a Stasi-style "scent bank" database of potentially violent crusty protesters against global capitalism, according to reports. An article in today's Guardian, dated from Berlin, reports that federal prosecutors confirmed German media reports of the polizei B.O. files yesterday. Reportedly, the German …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gas Leak?

    Some Mercaptan CH3CH2SH could be the smelliest substance around, I hate to think what a full release of it would smell like, seeing as it's parts per billion when added to Natural Gas.

    Although it is toxic and would smell like a gas leak so one of the other volatile thiols would be better.

  2. Eric O'Brien

    Seems easy to monkey wrench

    I don't support destructive protests, but this "scent bank" idea plus all the dog training must be costing quite a bit. And it seems the plan might so easily be disrupted...

    What happens if everyone who thinks [dawn raids, very subtle] they might have, umm... been sniffed, trades 3 weeks of their dirty clothes with a number of grandmotherly protesters? Or collects 50 pairs of unwashed socks and distributes them for people to tie around their belts?

    I wonder how much a radical shift in diet for a week, plus shaving all your hair (old scent in that, presumably) plus living in a different location for that week would change one's scent?

    All the protesters dust their pants with cayenne pepper? Would a snort of that put a dog's nose out of commission for a few hours/days?

    And so forth.

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