back to article Ireland gets wireless broadband

Personal Broadband is to build a mobile broadband network across Ireland based on the iBurst technology, making use of its two radio-spectrum licenses. The network, which will be available for corporate customers, will be capable of 1MB/sec. Personal Broadband's licenses both cover a 20MHz band between 1785 and 1850MHz. One …


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  1. Rob Swarbrick

    We've had wireless here for years...

    Belfast & Dublin have had wireless broadband for years, from a company called NTR. I know of several companies who use this as a backup system lest a JCB go awol.

  2. Andrew

    Streaming from buses?

    "We've run demonstrations using iBurst to send back pictures from CCTV cameras in buses, even streaming the footage to a pursuing police car in real time."

    Why would police cars be pursuing buses? Couldn't they just send someone ahead to hop on at the next stop?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On the buses

    "Why would police cars be pursuing buses? "

    The driver reported a vandal on the bus, perhaps

    "Couldn't they just send someone ahead to hop on at the next stop?"

    And have the vandal hop off via the rear exit at the same stop? If they have seen the live footage, they might stand more chance of stopping the right person.

  4. Louis

    RE: Streaming from buses?

    Have you never watched Speed? Sheesh...

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    PR Piffle

    The NI Civil Service is trying to procure an aggregated network service at the moment - this is very timely fluster and bluster to cast sum FUD into the mix. As posted NTR Broadband have been playing in the wireless broadband game for a long time in NI. Have to say tho that Voda/O2/etc are way behind on 3G deployment in NI. I've been travelling from Belfast via Dublin to Cork today and 3G was so prominent coming into Dublin and the Cork environs.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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