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Singapore's Underwater World aquarium has installed what it describes as the world's first RFID fish-tagging system - not to prevent piscine Nemo-style mass breakouts, but rather to help visitors effortlessly identify species. According to Reuters, when any of the 20 chipped fish swims past a sensor, its name, species, and …


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  1. Register Reader


    "Gone are the days when visitors are happy looking at animals and matching them with the information on the sign boards"

    Wha? I would think that would be more interesting than having everything spoonfed to you. I can see the benefits, but we're getting far too lazy these days. I sound like an old man, don't I? I'm 23 btw :P

  2. David

    I can see it now....

    a shoal of fish swim past and the child closest to the screen collapses in an epileptic fit due to the screen refreshing 800 times :)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whats the News?

    They have been doing this for years in the aquarium trade to identify CITEs protected fish (In just the same way as Dogs and Cats.). All they are doing is using it to bring up some infomation from a database. So? I thought of doing that years ago.

  4. JP

    Thought of it years ago?

    Should have patented it then, and now you would be getting 1c every time a fish swam past one of these sensors!

  5. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    800 screen refreshes

    Ahhh... you assume it would actually update 800 times ....

    I'd bet on the app segfaulting, it would be more likely for the child to be introduced to the GENERAL PROTECTION fish. Heh.

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