back to article Microsoft launches no-code mashup tool

Popfly, Microsoft's first Silverlight application, is a visual development tool for creating mashups without writing any code. Dan Fernandez, lead product manager in Microsoft's developer division, wants Popfly to reach what he calls "the MySpace generation" who want cutting edge web gadgets without cutting edge coding. "We …


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  1. Daniel Voyce


    "Browser Support:

    Mozilla Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher"

    Shows great faith in your own technologies when you list a major competitors first!

    Do you reckon they had to spend 50% of the time battling with CSS to get it to work?

  2. Daniel Ballado-Torres

    The Next Napster...

    hm... such bold claims, taking in mind this requires *no* programming expertise.

    I doubt "the next Napster" will come out of AJAX, JavaScript or any other of those "dumb" technologies. I am veeery weary of JavaScript "applications" or Javascript-dependant sites. All this Web 2.0 fuzz is only dumbing-down the web developers, but it seems to be spilling out into the *real* programmers realm.

  3. Mary Branscombe

    less CSS, more real languages

    Daniel V

    while you can style controls with CSS, the nice thing about Silverlight is that you're developing in Windows Presentation Foundation rather than a browser; Popfly is written in Silverlight.

    Daniel B-T

    When Silverlight 1.1 is available, Popfly developers who want to get into the code will be able to use languages like IronPython and you can already code in Visual Studio or VS Express and use Popfly just for the sharing. I'm with you - JavaScript is not a real programming language in my book. Popfly is trying to be inclusive; my sister could use it to make a custom flickr badge without coding, my Real Programmer friend could use it to share Java apps without exposing my sister to sourceforge...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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