back to article Royal Marine helmet-cam auteur hit during Afghan gunfight

A Royal Marine recently returned from combat in Afghanistan has uploaded some astonishing Doom-style helmet-cam footage, taken during a massive gun battle with the Taliban. Viewers be warned: unlike the Iraq headquarters PR channel videos, it contains extensive profanity. Also, the cameraman gets hit in a mildly embarrassing …


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  1. Sam Penny

    (w)here it is

    Erm, am I doing something stupid, or is there no link there to the video?

    Cheers & God bless

    Sam "SammyTheSnake" Penny

  2. Les Matthew

    RE: (w)here is it

    Click on the Green LiveLink insert.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Re: Where is it

    It's right where the advert usually is (Big green square next to the story)

    btw This would suggest that the El Reg advert placement policy isn't really working as obviously people are ignoring the adverts placed in the body of the story!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Have another look Sammy...

    There's a bleeding great media player thingy on the page saying "click here to play media"


  5. Mel Collins


    Similarly, I see nothing when using Opera and Flash 9 under Linux. Yes, I have plugins turned on.

    It works fine in Firefox and Konqueror though.

  6. Lickass McClippers

    Sammy is right...

    I don't get the embedded video either, but then I'm behind an industrial strength firewall, which I suspect is Sam's problem too...

  7. Robin Lettice (Written by Reg staff)

    Flash is needed

    Those of you without Flash will have to install it to view the video. We're not sure what causes Mel Collins' problem with Opera and Flash 9 under Linux. You can go directly to the video at

    Robin Lettice

    The Register

  8. Register Reader

    "it's passed straight through!"

    "it's passed straight through his ahrse!!" hehe

  9. Jesse Melton

    WTF Kind of Vehicles are They In?

    What are those brown trucks running around in the video? They look like Toyota's...but that can't be. Who would want a Toyota for combat. Don't the British use HUMVEES too? They sure buy a lot of them from the US, where do they go?

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: What vehicles...

    ...speaking from experience, the wagons the Marines are using are Land Rover Wolf 110's stripped down see here -

    The Para's (my lot (ex)) use the same wagons. The other vehicles seen in the video are local Afgan Army Military vehicles, usually Toyota Hi-Lux's as they can stand up to an awful lot of punishment. Top Gear, anyone?

    As for whether the British use HumVee's - no, never touch them. Not even Special Forces, so don't know where he get's that information from.


  11. Alan Dougherty

    RE : Vehicles

    The Marnies would probably be using Landrovers.. but it looks like they where operating with Afghan forces as well, so there could be any number of random trucks and flat beds rolling about.

  12. G Roberts

    Can't see the link either

    Using IE6, and there is just a large block of whitespace. Anyway seeing as there is swearing it can wait until I get home.


  13. Dillon Pyron

    Same here

    No imagery here at a major computer manufacturer located in Texas. Our firewall and proxies block a lot more than pr0n. YouTube, all the mail servers, etc.

  14. BS


    This is is also the hardest (ever) to remain logged into!!

  15. Marc

    No link here either.

    Granted, I think I'm pretty decent at ignoring ads, there is definitely nothing matching the description of what some of you are talking about on my page. Latest Firefox, Win2k, big firewall.

  16. Mike Moyle

    Re: Sammy is right...

    Ditto on the firewall being the likely culprit. MIS recently upped the ante with us, as well - we don't get the link or even a placeholder graphic in the stories, these days, and copy-and-pasting the link that Robin provided gets me the "This request has been blocked and logged..." crap.

    The Marine in question isn't the only one with a pain in the ass to deal with...


  17. myxiplx

    Could really use a text link too

    We don't have javascript or any active content enabled in our work browsers, so I had no clue at all that there was a video embedded in that article.

    A technology paper really should understand how to include alternative links.

  18. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Missing Link

    Um, I can't see any link to this video anywhere in or near the article either -

    - and I'm not running anything particularly exotic: XP Pro SP2 with Firefox

    Firefox has all the usual plugins enabled: Flash 9.0, Shockwave, Quicktime, Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

    I'm not even seeing a broken link!

    I figure the content is being filtered out by our Squid proxy ... can someone post a URL of the vid?

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    shot in the arse in afghanistan

    as a father of a bootneck, this footage doesn't surprise me, in fact any of our lads out there, paras, marines or others, they've been getting it in the arse more from their shite government....blair and his successor are not fit to tie their boot laces, let alone go out there and shake their hands....if a few politicians were shot in the arse, you'd realise then where their fucking brains were...

  20. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Operation: Flashpoint

    It reminds me of an old sci-fi story I read, in which journalists in armoured suits are parachuted right into the middle of battles, with cameras mounted on their heads; they are not allowed to carry weapons, and they die like flies, but the footage has to get through, and there is no shortage of willing camerapeople.

  21. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Jesse wrote:

    'What are those brown trucks running around in the video? They look like Toyota's...but that can't be. Who would want a Toyota for combat.'

    Clearly you don't watch Top Gear:

  22. PH

    Britain's brightest making us proud

    "Afganistan"? Jeeze, whenever I invade a country and shoot "photo's" of my colleagues topping people at least I try to get the place name right. Where's he going next? Irain?

  23. Daniel Ballado-Torres


    well... it's correctly spelt ... if you are writing it in Spanish. *rofl*

    I could watch the vid, but I doubt my boss would agree.

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