back to article Cringely catches IBM trying to hire 15,000

Those of you afraid of Robert Cringely's claim that IBM will layoff 150,000 workers might want to read his latest column. The PBS scribe has blown it again. At the bottom of a piece on Google, Cringely returns to the IBM layoff topic and makes the following statement: "Last week IBM also posted more than 15,000 new positions on …


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  1. Eduard Coli

    So what!

    If anyone wants proof of IBMs intentions and a demonstration of what happens when you let multinational corporations and foreign governments dictate your trade policy all you have to do is look at the sad state of affairs of IBMs old temples of commerce in NY or anyplace in Silicon Valley.

  2. Tom


    He should probably stick to making planes in 30 days (after failing once). Much better at documenting history than predicting the future.

    Of course, he could get a "Real Name".

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Day Today

    This reminds me of the day today, reporting from Detroit GM plant:

    Studio Person "I hear there are going to be massive layoffs"

    Reporter "Yes, 25000 people"

    Studio "25000?! There are only 20000 people at the plant!"

    Reporter "Yes, massive layoffs, on an unprecidented scale!"

    Studio "Can you tell me how the plany can function on minus 5000 workers"


  4. Matt

    It's similar to...

    Typing my name in google, getting 7 matches, and then trying to go off on a round-world trip to try and meet them all....*sigh*

  5. Pum

    7 google hits for Matt!?

    you only get 7 hits for Matt? Your google must be broken.

    I get 120,000,000! Stil, nice long trip round the world :)))

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I think he means typing in Bob Cringeley's name (or real name, perhaps).

  7. D M Wilson

    Whine, whine, whine.

    You write:

    "The evidence, however, seems to suggest that Cringely writes whatever he feels like without ever bothering to check the basics. Shouldn't PBS strive for higher standards? "

    Shouldn't you, as well? I don't know what your problem is with Cringely, but you sound like a little brat who always get the smaller piece of cake. Upset with comparative ratings?

    Seems like a serious case of 'Pot, kettle blackness' comparisons to me.

  8. Spiritchaser

    IBM & Six Sigma doesn't tally.

    One thing should be clarified upfront..

    IBM has their own methodology; IBM Global Services Methodology (v3.3 currently), which is followed by default in every engagement and all internal activities. No one has a choice in this (ie, whether an engagement can use IGS / 6 Sigma / etc)

    Therefore Six Sigma for a scale of this magnitude would never be signed off by the old greyheads. Bearing in mind, LEAN can only be part of a full DMAIC cycle eliminates any choice to cut & paste LEAN into IGS process.

    Unless they wanted to term elimination activities as "Project LEAN" !!!

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