back to article RIM BlackBerry Curve 8300

There's a new addition to the BlackBerry line up, to slot neatly in between the Pearl and 8800. The Curve 8300 features a full QWERTY keyboard, but without making the unit overly large. It's certainly more consumer-focused than the 8800, but that doesn't mean it can't turn its hand to business when the time comes. RIM …


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  1. John Straw

    Still flawed for POP email???

    I had a Blackberry about a year ago and the push email worked fine with my POP account. What it didn't do is reflect deletions back to my POP server. which is irritating as I often forgot what I had deleted/replied to when I got back to my desktop.

    If this is still the case then it's a very not perfect POP3 emailing device. Smartphone would be better?

    Or am I out of date?

  2. Graham Lockley


    'Or am I out of date?'

    Dunno, Im using an E61 that seems to do all the above and more and deletes quite happily from my gmail account

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