back to article Spanish politicos slug it out in Second Life

Spain's two main political parties have been indulging in some light scrapping in the run-up to this month's local elections by attempting to burn down each other's Second Life headquarters, Reuters reports. The "bitter political wrangling" between the socialist government, represented by the PSOE, and the conservative …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    'Huge Rallies'

    ...isn't exactly what we're seeing on TVEi news.

    In fact, PP are looking a little bit silly at the moment because the (PSoE) Zapatero government has used lessons learned in Northern Ireland, achieving more toward peace and disarmament in the Basque region during their short term in office than the (PP) Aznar government failed to do in decades.

    Given these circumstances, queue plenty of rhetoric and fist-shaking from the PP crew. Remember these are the guys who lied about the Madrid bombing just short of the national elections. Trying to inflame anti-ETA sentiment(1) to get themselves re-elected backfired spectacularly - resulting in *enormous* public rallies calling the PP party "liars" - and their eventual loss in the polls.

    (1) When in fact the bombings were an Al-Qaeda related outrage, and the government knew this at the time.

  2. Mark Lynch

    Wrong game surely...

    Shouldn't they be playing counter strike ? The PSOE would be the terrorists obviously so the PP could show them how you really stop terrorists, by killing them! In this virtual world they could also ignore realities such as Iraq and N.Ireland as they (the PP) are so fond of doing.

  3. Javier

    The three years that changed Spain (forever?)

    I'm writing this from my homeland, Spain. Can't avoid writing this after reading the post named "Huge Rallies".

    Terrrorrist attack striked spain 11M. Government was elected 14M. From there on, all has changed terribly. Although it reminds more and more the time right before Spain Civil War.

    Currently, *all* TV channels are under the government control. PSOE controls each and every word spoken there, pretty much in the same way it happens in Cuba.

    Most of the press follows also the same line.

    This can happen becouse a huge amount of media is owned by a single holding: PRISA. The owner of PRISA, Mr. Polanco, promised on its last annual shareholders meeting, his holding would do its best to avoid PP ever reaching government.

    Most probably, PSOE & PRISA (also known as "PRISOE") will achieve their goals, wich goes though the balcanization of Spain, to slices easier to handle. And to decades of control.

    We never thought things could come to the point we are nowadays. But we are.

  4. Enric Martinez

    Like in Cuba, wow!

    Hey, but you don't need a makeshift boat to leave Spain, you can get cheap plane tickets or just hit the road...

    You could perhaps ask the European governments for politcal asylum, so you could live without working in Britain, Holland or Germany at the expenses of us EUrian taxpayers :)

    BTW, Cuba isn't this island with paradisiac weather and lotsa hot chickz?

    Hmmm, like Cuba...

    Sure you are not a spammer pimping for a Spanish travel agency?

  5. Marc

    People are funny...

    Perhaps they should get Tania Derveaux (check ) to help do the *blow* jobs.

    She already worked the job and blowjob angle, now it's time for her to blow them all up and to hell with politicians altogether. We all really only want free unlimited sex.

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