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We recently rolled out comments pages to most stories on the site, and it seems we opened a bit of a floodgate. You guys just won't shut up. And in the best traditions of appeasement we are announcing a new regular feature: a Best of Comments article. We may just be crazy. First up, a speeding motorist made a rude gesture at …


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  1. Brian Milner

    Nested Comments Please

    Being able to comment on the stories is great. Nice one, elReg. Next, please allow us to comment on the comments.

    It's much clearer when you respond to a post, to place it on the page immediately below that post. At the moment, comments on previous comments appear somewhere down the page, depending on how many others have posted in the meantime.

  2. Daniel Dainty

    Re: Nested Comments Please

    Agreed. Please add this functionality immediately.

    What else can we pinch from Slashdot?

  3. Rob

    Hmmm. Nice.

    As well as requesting nested comments to comments, I particularly enjoy being able to comment on the lack of nested comments, as a comment, to the report about comments that have been commented so far.

    So Reg? Any comments?

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If I comment on the comments above, in the comments section of a story about our comments, would I be making a comment comment comment comment? And if my comment comment comment comment became worthy of comment, would the commentary on my comment be a comment comment comment comment comment?

  5. Scott

    Re: Re: Nested Comments Please

    Totally agree.

    How about changing the name to SlashReg or TheRegDot. :)

    Puhlease. Rather than asking for nested comments, how about asking yourself, "Where don't you see nested comments?" The answer is TheReg. IT works. ;)

  6. this

    nested comments

    Isn't it a bit late in the year for nesting comments?

  7. Joe Futrelle

    this is not a comment

    I would like the ability to go on record as having "no comment" on a particular story. Unfortunately, the only way I can do that in the current Reg comments implementation is to make a "comment".

    The other feature I want would be to make a "meta-comment" which would become a new top-level story for which the story I was meta-commenting on would become a comment.

    Comments welcome.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Can we get an RSS feed for comments on a certain story, for purposes of mocking people less intelligent than us? I, for one, would love a feed for:

  9. adnim

    The ability

    to correct my dumbass seplling mistakes would alos lehp ;)

  10. John Browne

    And a note of sanity...

    What do we want El Reg to be, a news journal or a discussion board?

    At present, most content is written by journalists and expert contributors, and I would like it to stay that way.

    If nested comments were allowed, the Reg editorial staff could find themselves spending too much time moderating flame wars, rather than researching and writing real news.

    Flame wars are hardly ever interesting to anybody apart from the protagonists; real news is bound to get much more interest.

    Decades ago, broadsheet newspapers had to address this issue in their letters columns. Eventually the editor would add the comment "This discussion is closed" after the last published letter.

    Discussion boards are ten a penny; real news journals are relatively rare.

  11. Graham Dawson

    I'd like to comment about all the comments made on this story.

    Dunno about that, John. The Guardian and the Telegraph both run flat comment systems on their websites and see nothing *but* flamewars most of the time. People will flame no matter how simple or complex the commenting system.

  12. Matt Bradley

    unless you ask for our help

    "You folk across the pond are totally safe from us unless you ask for our help"

    Yes, we in the UK had noticed this problem with aim that US.MIL seem to have. Despite widespread ownership of firearms, you still can't seem to shoot straight. Seemingly practice does NOT make perfect...

    ... Sorry cheap shot (no pun intended) - couldn't resist.

  13. Graham Lockley

    Could I just say..

    Im not intelligent enough to continue the 'comments' comments thread so how about you guys (girls) give us less intelligent types a break.

  14. Michael Corkery


    comments comments comments comments comments chameleon

    they come and gooooo

    they come and gooooo o o oooo

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