back to article Will bloggers get the blame for DoH mess?

Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt said the mess made of online applications for doctors could lead to criminal charges. But did she mean the people responsible for such a shoddy system or did she mean the bloggers who brought the problems to light are likely to be charged? A touch surprising to find the Secretary of State for …


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  1. Brian Hall

    Friendly Fire

    There's a really nasty pattern to this kind of thing. Concerned employee or user probes problem, reports difficulty, is put up against the wall and shot.

    One would think that the Goal is to Not Know, and if you force Them to Know, you are a Violator and must be Punished.

    The End of this Road is Ignorance Reigns Supreme!

    All Hail Ignorance!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ID System covered by this

    If I remember correctly the Bliar government's answer to concerns about the security of the system was to make it an offence to attempt to breach any security or to access any data unathorised, which for them meant the problem of security was no longer an issue as none would be able to crack it due to it being a criminal offence.

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