back to article Metal Gear Solid 4 delayed until 2008?

Arguably the game that the PlayStation was made for and certainly the most eagerly-awaited game for the PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has apparently had it's release date pushed back to next year. Reports allegedly from major US games retailer EB Games have now indicated a March 2008 release. Metal Gear Solid 4 …


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  1. Mark Rendle

    Obvious comment

    This is understandable. After all, the dialogue for a Blu-ray disc's worth of cutscenes isn't going to ridiculously overblow itself.

  2. Yuri


    maybe they are prepairing a 360 or Wii version

    ... if not, the PS3 is in troubles

  3. Ed

    Is it just me...

    or does that first screenshot have really poor quality textures on whatever it is the guy is leaning over?

  4. JC


    Snake's lookin' old...

  5. Steve Barnes

    can't wait

    MGS 1-3 were fantastic (i've got portable ops, but haven't started it yet) - and from what I've seen of 4, it looks like it'll be worth the wait. At the end of the day, anyone's who's a fan of the MGS series is going to buy, whatever the release date.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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