back to article Met staffer arrested over Al Qaeda terror report leak

A civilian member of Metropolitan Police Service staff, Thomas Lund-Lack, was arrested last night in connection with the leaking of information to a reporter. Lund-Lack is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates Court today, charged with breaches of the Official Secrets Act and misconduct. He is claimed to have passed an …


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  1. John Imrie

    Yes Minister had this worked out years ago

    Bernard Wolly: That's another of those irregular verbs isn't it.

    I give confidential briefings.

    You leak.

    He/She/It has been found guilty of breaching section III of the Official Secrets act.

  2. Steve Evans


    This sounds like the kind of report G Dubya would use as justification to nuke Iran... and invite Tony lapdog along to share the blame.

  3. Brian Hall


    Now, Steve, first things first. TB was pushing interventionism, hard, BEFORE GW got elected. So, who's whose lap-poodle?

This topic is closed for new posts.