back to article Scottish coppers ask bosses to drop trousers

Scottish police officers are not best pleased with their new "uncomfortable" and "ill-fitting" crime-busting trousers, The Scotsman reports. The offending "cargo-style" strides have been deployed across Caledonia as part of a "multi-million pound deal...signed with a Leicestershire company to supply around 30,000 pairs of …


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  1. Gilbert Wham

    Belt and Braces

    If this was the military, the obvious solution (from their end anyway), would be a five thousand pound pair of braces to keep them up. God knows what the police will use. String, possibly?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    30,000 pairs of trousers?

    Multi-million pound deal?. Assume it's only £5 million, and that's (tapitty tap) £166.67 a pair.

    Cheap at half the price. Or possibly not.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    National Dress

    What are they doing in trousers anyway? Surely the tourism industry would benefit enormously from issuing them with kilts instead...

  4. John Browne

    Two possible reasons for this.

    One, it might be a half-assed (geddit) attempt to help the police integrate with yoof culture by wearing trousers with the crutch at knee level.

    Two, it might be sabotage by a foreign power, as exposed by the Goon Show on the last day of the 1950s.

    That particular attack involved shirts; details at

    Inerestingly, the shirts were also made in Leicestershire.

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