back to article Space Shuttle slated for early morning roll call

NASA has nearly completed repairs to the space shuttle Atlantis' tank, which took a battering in a hailstorm earlier this year. Space Program managers are so pleased with the progress that they have decided to roll the shuttle back out in preparation for its eventual launch. All being well, the craft will start its journey at …


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  1. Geoff Johnson

    Location, Location, Location.

    Their problem is, they put the launch pads in the wrong place.

    Surely everyone knows the best place to store and launch a spacecraft is under a false lake surface in an extinct volcano. Alternatively a small spacecraft can be stored under a swimming pool outside a house on a remote island.

    They just aren't watching the right educational TV.

  2. John Stag


    There's this thing called an "umbrella".

    They're pretty cheap to make - maybe NASA should investigate them....

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