back to article Fox releases hounds over O.J. Simpsons spoof

Fox has cried foul at a parody of The Simpsons that stars acquitted murder suspect O.J. instead of loveable lazybones Homer. The O.J. Simpsons puts the sometime star of the Naked Gun series as a character in a series of three animated clips published by Fox has released its legal hounds to get the clips pulled …


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  1. Doug

    you can prove anything ..

    'I didn't do it, no one saw me do it, there's no way you can prove anything!', Bart O.J Simpson

  2. fluffy

    It's only fair, really

    considering that a big part of one of the bigger Simpsons season finales (the "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" two-parter, and also its "138th Episode Spectacular" followup) had a lot of jokes parodying the O. J. Simpson case.

  3. John Stirling

    I'd feel much better

    about this rare example of corporate cahones if the videos in question weren't rubbish.

    No real jokes to speak of, no script of note, lousy animation (possibly deliberate).

    Free speech is important, even over here in Euroland 2 (the UK) we still value the few shreds we have left, but it's nicest when the stuff being spoken is worth listening to.

    I suppose anything that pisses OJ off has to have some merit, but it's precious little.

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