back to article OGC claims e-auction success

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has reported that a group of councils and NHS trusts saved almost 50 per cent of the previous cost of IT hardware in an electronic auction. The 14 local authorities and six health trusts spent £6.9m on six lots benchmarked at £13.7m in an auction taking place on 10 May. It was the …


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  1. Mark Stanley

    Wow, a GOOD news story?

    ...surely the Reg can find a negative slant on this, or are you letting standards slip?!

  2. Ned Fowden

    E-Auctions are a Falacy

    having been involved in e-auctions in the recent past, it has been clearly highlighted that such high profile auctions are nothing short of farce.

    the average e-auction does not give a true value of the products, especially when suppliers quote pricing for items they know for a fact they will never supply.

    Until there is a way to verify the pricing structures prior to final submission, e-auction is not a viable way to show savings.

    i can guarantee that in a few short months those very councils will be wondering why they're spending more than anticipated

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