back to article Apple tweaks MacBook specs

Apple has updated its MacBook line of consumer computers, upping the processor specifications, setting the base-line memory configuration to 1GB and making 802.11n wireless networking a feature rather than an upgrade. As before, there are three models: two white and one black. All three sport a 13.3in, 1280 x 800 glossy …


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  1. Dan Skinner

    Macbook prices

    Actually, all three models are £50 cheaper rather than the same price as stated.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    They may be fifty quid cheaper but there's no way in hell I would be able to afford one of them any time soon...

    Nice though...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    N speed Wi-Fi but still only one mouse button...

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Obviously the "priorities" comment from a non mac user

    The track pads on the mac books can identify more than one press so to "right" click on the track pad you use two fingers simultaneously use one finger and you "left" click.

    Apple current mouse has four buttons - left, right, squeeze the sides and press the track ball which also scrolls left - right and up and down.

    For Pete's sake get with the programme. At least try and criticise Apple for something they are actually guity of rather than 5 year old knee jerk reactions...

    Andrew Orlowski is that you?

  5. Nexox Enigma

    The Track Pad

    While its nice to see that Apple finally has reasonably advanced tapping support on its touch pads (had that in Linux on my laptop over 4 years ago,) there is really no excuse for the touchpads that they have been using on the Macbook(Pro)?s. The thing is too large to use without lifting your hand from rest, and the button is ridiculously large. Apple has some lingering one button fetish (Even their '4 button' mouse looks like a one button - I've had to explain that it wasn't to about 60% of the users to whom we've deployed them.) It simply doesn't make sense to not put more than one button on a laptop - Especially since they (Apple or their fanboys, can't remember which) constantly brag that you can run Windows on the things. That'd be a whole lot of fun without two buttons. Don't even get me started on the keyboards.

    As to what Apple are actually guilty of, thats for a whole seperate volume of articles.

    Just incase anyone is worried that I'm not qualified to complain, I use a Mac every weekday at work, where I am one of 3 people that provides user support for about 300 Apple machines - I have had ample opportunity to see where they went right and wrong.

  6. Scott Mckenzie

    Trackpad and Keyboard

    So, just because you don't like the trackpad and/or the keyboard it's wrong is it?

    I much prefer the Mighty Mouse to any other as it's ergonomically far more comfortable for me to hold, the trackpad is fine, i don't see an issue with the size of it, as for one button why do you need two? I don't and i see very few people complaining about it, apart from some self confessed "qualified" expert.

    As for the keyboard, both the USb and the built in one on my MBP are some of the nicest and most comfortable keyboards i've typed on...

    But it's good to see that because you think they're wrong, they clearly are....

  7. Sean Aaron

    Love the large trackpad; hate the wintel ones...

    The extra real estate is brilliant as is the superior precision and two-finger scrolling which beats hands-down any crappy wintel laptop I've ever had the misfortune to use in Windows land.

  8. Bruno Girin

    Price tags

    I'm sure it's me not understanding Apple's pricing policy but would someone care to explain the logic of the new prices?

    The 2.16GHz white MacBook costs £829. The black MacBook costs £949. According to the spec details, the only difference between the two is the hard disk: 120Gb 5400rpm on one and 160Gb 5400rpm on the other. However, you can configure the white MacBook with the larger HDD for an extra £50, thus getting a computer with the same specs as the black MacBook for £879, i.e. £70 cheaper.

    Does this mean that the nice black shiny plastic costs £70 more than the nice white shiny plastic? Or is there something else in the black MacBook that Apple is not telling us and that would really justify the difference in price?

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