back to article Acer turns to nature to inspire Aspire

Acer yesterday parted the seas to reveal the first of a new line of "nature inspired" consumer-friendly laptops, the Aspire 5920 with its "gemstone" design, a curvy casing with a pebble-like shine. Acer Aspire 5920 Under the hood, the 5920 range packs in Intel's 'Santa Rosa' Centrino Duo platform. The series includes a …


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  1. Dan P


    Sounds more like they've turned to Motorola for inspiration than nature.

    Pebl anyone?

  2. Lol Whibley

    nice looks

    shame about the support. Acer have a wonderful approach to support for their hardware. they don't care about it and it goes away. ther're are enough punters out there who don't know about them to kepp them in gravy for years...

  3. S


    Looks very toy-like to me. Reminds me of the OLPC or those V-Tech toys (at least when it's open).

  4. Dr_Spain

    Barry Scott

    You're gonna need Cilit Bang to keep grubby pawprints off that off-white plastic.

    "Look what it did to this penny" (see adv.)

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