back to article Boffins develop synthetic human blood

Sheffield University researchers believe they have developed a way of manufacturing artificial human blood using "dendrimers and hyper-branched polymers" to form "bio-mimetic molecules". Dr Lance Twyman of the university's chemistry department told the BBC that he and his team were "very excited about the potential for this …


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  1. Chase

    Too Little Too Late

    A company named Biopure has already developed and tested a blood substitute. It can also be stored at room temperature. They've already gone through clinical trials and are awaiting FDA approval now. It was in use for years in Africa where HIV tainted the blood supply. So this isn't really such a groundbreaking discovery.

  2. Morely Dotes

    Well, obviously!

    "Dr Twyman couldn't be reached for comment as of writing."

    Of course not! Even _El_Reg_ staffers work in daylight.

  3. Matt

    Biopure = cow blood!

    Just FYI Chase ;)

    This stuff is all synthetic (apparently), where as the biopure stuff is just pruified cow blood. I'm sure it works, but its not the same.

  4. Gary

    And does it cover all of real blood's functions ? Or just a sub-set ?

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