back to article BAE tries to polish corporate image ahead of Armor deal

BAE Systems plc's corporate migration to America may be entering troubled waters. The UK-based arms giant's latest plan is a £2.1bn acquisition of Armor Group, an American firm which makes Humvees and other vehicles for the US forces. This would be a good buy for BAE. Protected light vehicles are seen as a Pentagon "sweet …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    History is not on htier side!

    Given the "success" of Ferranti, Marconi et al. in managing thier US subsiduaries I think BAE shareholders would be very lucky if Congress vetoed this takeover!

  2. Gareth Mottram

    Pot, Kettle....?

    This whole shebang is a bit two faced from the yanks. Let's not fogett the bribes paid to the West German government prourement bods in order to get the f-104 bought inspite of it not fitting the requirement. Nor indeeed the Abrahms sales post Gulf 1 that they got by getting the Saudi's to cancel the Challenger orders. Hmmmm.

    None of the above is surprising. But what continues to be a problem is that the US govt. persists in being willing to take the money, and indeed techincal experitse off partners (ie RN and BAE for the JSF) and then another section of the govt. will refuse to export the fruits of this without assurances that the US can shut them down with no warning (thinking specifically about the Flight Control System of the F-35 here). Annoying.

    Still if this falls through there's always a chance that the BAE can buy Dassault. As if this all goes sideways we'll probably have to fly Rafale's off the carriers anyway, assuming Grodon doesn't get them cancelled.........

This topic is closed for new posts.

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