back to article AMD launches Phenom brand

AMD has launched the Phenom FX, X2 and X4 processor families - well, the name at least - pledging to ship the chips formerly known informally as the 'star' line in the second half of the year. Right now, AMD isn't saying much about Phenom, preferring to stress that it comprises "true" quad-core designs, unlike its arch-rival' …


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  1. John Fallon

    Sounds like Pentium?

    Is this a ploy by AMD's marketing division to confuse consumers and make Phenom read/sound like Pentium

  2. florian mosleh

    re: Sounds like Pentium?

    ummm... yeah... because AMD *really* wants customers to confuse their newest line of processors with chips from 1991. wtf.

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  4. Alex

    Sound's more like AMD's past brands than Intel's

    Athlon, Duron, Opteron, Sempron, Phenom.

    I think I see what they're up to.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sound like transformer names to me

    Sound like transformer names to me

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